Honda Civic 2016: the return of a pioneer

grace-raffinement-honda-civic-2016In 1973, the Civic has entered into a North American so violently shaken by the first oil shock. With front-wheel drive, its compact dimensions and its small cross mill, the compact was an anomaly in the eyes of a clientele accustomed to big cars gluttons. In addition to initiating a revolution in its segment, it has enabled Honda to drill a market of extraordinary importance. So here we are, 10 generations and 1.9 million copies sold in Canada later before its downward.

Its design
A little as did the seventh generation of the Civic in 2006, the 10th of the line plays on the style to emerge from the crowd. The front is much more expressive, projecting its assurance through a wide and low chrome strip for headlights cut to marry. The side remains the most interesting element of this Civic. The rear fastback roofline type, a unique loan for this category is particularly successful. The compact also grew. Just 76 mm now separate the wheelbase of the Civic sedan that of a four-door Accord.

On board
Honda seems to have learned of recent missteps of the Civic in terms of quality. We can now say that the model has one of the best-laid among the compact interiors. The print quality is also palpable, just place your fingers on the many flexible surfaces to be convinced. There are also a lot of stuff on the aesthetics of the thing. We play with the depth and the lines in obtuse angles to give an impression of grandeur. For the volume is frankly impressive, but beware of the head to the back.

Honda has grafted two new hearts to this Civic, including its first turbo engine. Very menu by displacement, only 1.5 L, it allows a big leap with 174 hp power and 162 lb-ft (available from 1800 to 5000 rev / min). A bit noisy in the effort, it grows uniformly from 1500 rev / min to the top of the beach. Repeats are strong thanks to the warning aspect of the CVT, single box offered with this engine. It simulates high speed gear changes, allowing a linearity in the delivery. This engine has also proven very restrained during the test.

Behind the wheel
Without going down to the level of a Toyota Corolla on its dynamic aspect, the old Civic had lost its savor with age, in the name of consensus. This new version corrects the shot striking a proper balance between driving pleasure and everyday use. Without being extremely communicative, direction, light, is much quicker. One feels the player car, balanced, without abrupt, while effectively absorbs bumps. Obviously, the roll is there, but without insistence. In short, we can certainly have fun behind the wheel of the Civic, pending the sportiest delivered.

Touring version, like the tried, the Civic is now equipped with a complete technological equipment, especially regarding the management of their smart phones charging (USB or induction). You get the latest version of HondaLink the still imperfect infotainment system Honda. Spread on a touch screen on the instrument panel, it is well presented, but is not yet intuitive enough to be a really pleasant to use tool. Honda has deigned happily provide good audio system in the Touring model, a must to be competitive in this segment.

By doing a complete review of the arguments, we obviously see that Honda has probably concocted his most accomplished of its current line item. With refinement, the Civic sets high hopes for anyone to compete with bar. We can also shut its accessibility. Its range of highly competitive price makes it one of the compact with the best price / quality ratio at this time. Add to that the powerful weapon of its reputation and we get one of the success stories that I had the opportunity to try this year.


The trunk: With a volume of 428 L, the trunk of the Civic sedan has a good face, but its opening is not very large.

Visibility: Given the line high enough trunk, rear visibility is not very good, fortunately the reversing camera is part of the standard equipment.

Headlights: LED headlights of the Touring model has a highly efficient light beam and reduce energy consumption.

Adaptive cruise control: The Civic is available with an adaptive cruise control that can slow the car by braking automatically and operating with a camera behind the rearview mirror and a radar located in the front bumper.

Weight: Despite its larger size, the Civic weighs 31 kg less than the previous version.


Technical sheet
Engine: L4 DOHC 1.5 L turbocharged

Power: 174 hp at 5500 rev / min

Torque: 162 lb-ft (1800-5000 rev / min)

Automatic CVT

Driving Architecture: transverse front engine, traction

Consumption (EnerGuide): 6.7 L / 100 km

Direct competitors: Chevrolet Cruze, Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mazda3, Nissan Sentra, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta

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