House of Commons: another elected leaves the presidential race

998485A Liberal MP withdrew on Sunday his candidacy to become president of the House of Commons after delivering ambiguous comments Saturday.

During a speech to his constituents in Winnipeg on Saturday, Robert Falcon Ouellette argued that former Presidents of the House of Commons had told him that the post allowed to enjoy a “great influence” on the first Minister.

Mr. Ouellette reported that these former elected officials had assured him that when the Speaker had to address an issue in his constituency, he could simply “call the Prime Minister to his seat.”

In his speech, the liberal rookie said the Speaker of the House has a significant influence since it controls the debate and the Prime Minister wishes’ keep happy. ”

In a statement issued Sunday, Mr. Ouellette announced it was withdrawing from the race and he regretted having left some doubt as to the integrity of the position.

MP claims to have simply wanted to explain that the president retains, in the exercise of its functions, the opportunity to hear the concerns of constituents in government.

“I deeply regret any impression that I was able to give the role of the president, he wrote. I must take responsibility for the clumsiness with which I spoke, “he continues.

The election of the Speaker of the House will be the first item on the agenda at the opening of the parliamentary session on Thursday.

Several Liberal MPs of experience, including Geoff Regan, Denis Paradis, Yasmin Ratansi, Mauril Bélanger and Scott Simms, are interested in chairing the proceedings of the House of Commons. Conservative MP Bruce Stanton also covets the job.

During the first session, this role falls to the senior MPs, the Bloc Louis Plamondon.

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