How to kill Chiefs!

formule-equipes-ne-permet-pas(Quebec) I try to understand. Understanding how one could spoil as dramatically a recipe that nevertheless brought together all the best ingredients. I no longer recognize my Chefs! Monday night, and I was furious to see what has been done in this new version, the princes! – The brigade, my great disappointment of the summer.

Nothing makes sense in this formula by teams. Starting with the judges Modat Stéphane and Anne Desjardins, who would never have crossed the stage of the hearing. Having failed to do even a little charisma, they sweat a condescension and contempt that does not belong to heads! It is certainly not asking judges to be complacent and their predecessors were not, but we felt at least in Boulay, Vari and Laprise that desire to pass on their knowledge to aspirants and some empathy. If it were up to me, Modat and Desjardins were the first eliminated from the competition.

After six emissions HERE CBC TV, it is clear that the choice of producers to have made a clean sweep of the original design does not give the expected results. The presence of Daniel Vézina, as the big brother of aspiring leaders, sorely lacking in this new format. Ask Chantal Fontaine replace both Elyse Marquis and mentor chief was not the idea of ​​the century. Still friendly, restorative displays here a coldness that contaminates the atmosphere. Last Monday, she even amused by the fact that participants can not make their braising endive. The only time it is more warm, is to show a little gratitude to the loser. Too little too late.

In addition to placing two unequal teams number one against the other, it is absolutely unfair to award the prize to $ 1,500 only to the brigade commander, while his associates are part of the victory of the team. We have provided one of the teams a spoiled oyster, if only one, reports to a flagrant lack of judgment on the part of the production. Stéphane Modat has found a way to blame the team throwing the dish in the risk of it being contaminated, the only right decision in the circumstances.

Those who loved The leaders – and many of us – have never watched the show to see the participants kill. There has always been tension Heads!, But never like this season, where it seems encouraging. The effect could provide some teeth to the concept; rather, it leaves a very bitter taste to the guests. The pride of the excess and the camaraderie have always been the strengths of the program. Unthinkable that the intention was to evacuate these.

The formula team does not know and to focus on the aspiring chefs. It was not until the fifth show to see some truly mouth-watering dishes, both participants are stuck in time. I will keep the image of this fudge dripping Riopelle, the worst dish of blacks. No aspirant has yet been able to actually impose. Yacir be remembered, but not necessarily for his culinary skills.

The last Monday issue culminated with the most ridiculous ultimate challenge of history Chiefs: cook a pancake, caramel and whipped Chantilly cream by hand in just 12 minutes (!). No need to have a kitchen ounce of talent to predict that no one would succeed this absurd challenge. “And to think we had talked about the cleanliness of the station!” Then complained Anne Desjardins. Condescension, when you hold us.

The reaction of lovers of the show was mercilessly since the beginning of the season, on social networks. We also see the discontent in the television ratings, which have plummeted. From an average of 838,000 last year, frequent are more than 595 000 to follow live. Must be done. And the passage of time has nothing to do with it.

After editing the other hand, should we have to go back to the original formula with new aspiring leaders? It may already be too late to ask the question, both production seems to have done everything to screw up his success, and it would be a shame to lose this annual Quebec shooting. A message to the team: it is imperative to bring Nancy Charest, seasoned producer eliminated with the other, the soul of this concept, in which the issue was a big part of its success. Then it’s over, we do not touch anything!

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