Hundreds of migrants stormed a station Macedonia

sentiment-urgence-migrants-souhaitent-rendreJostling and pushing each other, hundreds of migrants wishing to travel to Serbia invaded Saturday the platform of the station Gevgelija, a town in southern Macedonia near the border with Greece.

For these migrants, who come mostly from the Middle East but also in Afghanistan, Serbia is the last barrier to stand between them and Hungary, a member country of the European Union.

This road, which has the advantage of avoiding the perilous migrants crossing the Mediterranean by boat, is increasingly popular with those seeking asylum in Europe.

Migrants have the choice of traveling from Turkey or Greece by sea or go to Bulgaria by road and from there, head towards Macedonia and Serbia. But during this journey, they often fall into the clutches of smugglers and organized crime.

Saturday, Gevgelija migrants chose to take the train because it is the most affordable means of transport and it costs them cheaper than resorting to smugglers, often crammed as many people as possible in cars or trucks with sometimes fatal results.

Their eagerness to secure a spot in front of the train carrying them to the border of Serbia has wreaked havoc in the station. The Tempers flared at the ticket office and on the dock. Those who had not arrived early enough to get a spot on the dock or taking refuge in unoccupied cars to escape the blazing sun threw themselves in front of the train, some with their children in their arms, in hoping to be able to climb it.

The train left the station shortly afterwards, filled to overflowing. Several people however had to stay on the platform to wait for the next train.

The Macedonian authorities have provided the migrants transit visas of a three-day so they do not remain stuck in Macedonia. However, they must travel to the border on their own.

The urgency of migrants wishing to travel to Europe has increased while they hurry to reach Hungary before the Hungarian government has completed building a fence razor wire.

Before Hungary announced plans to close a few months ago, about 1000 daily migrants trying to cross its borders. They are now more than 1,500 every day trying to do.

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