Hungary: cold, another scourge that afflicts migrants

migrants-recouverts-couverture-traversent-frontiereLike straight out of the darkness, the cold numbed migrants night roam the transit camp where they are blocked by police at the Hungarian-Serbian border in an attempt to warm up.

In a no man’s land wedged between fields of corn and sunflowers in the disaster area gaits, they light bonfires in an opaque darkness.

“It’s Bachar (the Syrian president, Ed) that should be there for us, it’s all his fault,” launched in chorus a group of young Syrians, wrapped from head to toe in blankets covering their layers bunk clothing.

“We left Damascus 15 days ago because the situation there was too bad, everything has become too expensive, and we could more bombs,” said one of them, Moussa, a computer science student.

They shiver while sharing a meal of bread and fruit around the light escaping from their fire.

They say they do not understand the attitude of the Hungarian police to them, their “lack of humanism.”

Sandals and bare feet

Afghan migrants wearing only sandals without socks, set their mobile phones on which they are scrolling through family photos.

Afghan women as they try to warm in blankets, their heads covered with several scarves.

The effects of night temperature drops in Hungary, for which most migrants are not accustomed to the climate of eastern countries, are beginning to be felt.

They are dozens, from Syria, Iraq, but also of Congo and Pakistan, to wait before a field hospital in the transit camp to see a doctor.

Most complain of colds, allergies, sore throat, and intestinal pain, but also stress. The faces are identified, but all are trying to keep their dignity.

“Save lives”

Parents with young children flock to the entrance of the hospital mounted by Caritas (Catholic organization) Hungarian before which a Jordanian doctor fixed the order in which the patients.

Inside, a man suffering from exhaustion is kept under observation. “We’re trying to save lives,” says Jordanian doctor.

“Nearly 150 people came to see us to seek medical help. Many suffer from migraines, and children have inflammation of the throat, “says a Hungarian physician, Katalin Debrecni.

“These people, she said, need a place where they could sleep and be warm.”

The cold also adds to the anger of migrants who have to spend the night outdoors with their children.

“Is it possible that we are treated like animals as after all we’ve been through,” says a young Syrian.

“Jesus loves you”

Suddenly, dozens of migrants waiting since dawn to be able to get on a bus to a camp trying to hop force. They are immediately brutally repelled by police in riot gear, who established a human wall along the bus.

After hours of waiting, women and children were finally allowed to go up, but a trickle.

Volunteers, one wearing a fluorescent jacket which says “Jesus loves you”, are busy distributing aid to hundreds of other migrants as if frozen in the cold.

Around them, hundreds of clothes, boxes, shoes, food scattered in the dust extend to the horizon.

A Syrian, sixty, sadly observes the scenes around him.

“We’re stuck here, he says, we can not go back to where we come from, because there is death, but here what are we becoming?”

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