A “Hunter on the lookout” concerned citizens

1172156A hunter who practices his activity in a particular area occupied by walkers and snowmobilers sows anxiety in Arvida.

Councilman Carl Dufour was arrested by a citizen recently on social networks. A hunter left a small sign in the woods, located opposite the Jonquiere Complex of Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) on the Saguenay Boulevard, where it is registered “Danger, Hunter on the lookout”, with contact details.

Mr. Dufour immediately contacted Public Security Saguenay (SPS) for the legislation to be applied. According to the law, to promote peace and good order, it is forbidden to use firearms within 150 meters of a dwelling, a business or a public road. Now, almost 70 rifle cartridges were found about 20 meters from a pumping station in the City of Saguenay.

“This is the first time as a counselor I am faced with this situation. There had already been a safety issue in the area because people were wearing their waste, but it had been settled, “said Carl Dufour.

The counselor will seek answers Monday to settle the case, whether the practice hunter is really illegal and who is responsible. The land belongs to probably RTA. “The executive committee would likely have the power to stop the activity,” he continues.

Mr. Dufour said that citizens can contact the SPS at any time if they have doubts about their safety. The hunter was not joined by Councillor.

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