Hydro-Quebec sells two armored vehicles

Hydro-Quebec has defeated two armored vehicles purchased in 2010 to protect the Gentilly-2, Stopru has learned, following a request for access to information. But almost three years after the closure of the plant, the corporation refuses to give more information by referring to the Law on Nuclear Safety and regulations.

The price obtained for the sale of these new quasi shielded and the identity of the buyer and remain unknown. Hydro-Quebec merely said she “disposed of those armored vehicles and is therefore more owner”. According to our information, it would be vehicles of the US company Oshkosh Defense, a leading supplier of the US Army who also built light armored vehicles for police. The base model is worth several hundred thousand dollars and is able to withstand gusts of shooting large caliber.

Not long served

Both vehicles acquired in 2010 to replace the old obsolete armored Gentilly-2 were highly anticipated by the employees responsible for security but have not been used for long, according to a source. “It was a new and much safer product. It was one of the best vehicles to protect officers who were on the first line. If there was something they could protect the facilities. ”

In the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has strengthened the security measures of nuclear facilities in the country. Since 2006, they have to have such an immediate military response capability.

Hydro-Quebec had not reminded La Presse yesterday when publishing.

Discounted sales

Some properties of the nuclear plant were sold for a pittance by Hydro-Québec in the past. Thirty-eight trailers acquired at a cost of 2.5 million by the corporation were sold $ 33,903 to Robert Iron and Metals “as a result of two public calls for proposals, open to all,” it said in a document made public this summer with the Access to Information Act. “Note that the trailers were used, Hydro-Québec having procured some of them there are more than 10 years. They had been used on other sites, including the Péribonka generating station, before serving to the needs of the rehabilitation project of the Gentilly-2. ”

The cost of closing Gentilly-2 in December 2012, is valued at $ 1.8 billion.

– With the collaboration of SergeLaplante

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