Hydro-Sherbrooke: a 0.7% rate

1164774Rising rates of Hydro-Sherbrooke will be modeled on the one imposed on Hydro-Quebec by the Regie, or 0.7% from Friday. This increase is lower than forecast in the City of Sherbrooke, who built his budget based on revenues up 1.9%.

“Our budget forecast was based on the Hydro-Quebec asks the Regie. The shortfall is about $ 260,000 on the budget 2016. Of the total municipal budget was good news, we are bad. For taxpayers, this is good news for electricity rates, but there will be a negative impact on the budget. There are years when there is less snow removal costs, and sometimes it was less good news, and this is one, “said the president of Serge Paquin executive committee in the absence of Mayor Bernard Sevigny.

Mr. Paquin indicates that the estimates are not always based on requests from Hydro-Quebec. “We do an assessment and we do a budget forecast. Sometimes it’s below, sometimes it’s over. ”

The chairman of the executive committee does not expect a catastrophic impact on the budget. “On all of our budget items, year in, year out, we arrive with a surplus of $ 5 million compared to the budget approved by the board. I do not think it puts us in a problematic position. ”

The director of Hydro-Sherbrooke, Christian Laprise says that the city usually follows Hydro-Quebec to fix the rate increase. “Normally, we follow the same rates that Hydro-Quebec not to make two types of people in the Sherbrooke area, because there are subscribers of Hydro-Quebec and Hydro-Sherbrooke in the territory. ”

Citizens of Brompton, Deauville and Lennoxville are Hydro-Quebec customers.

The clerk Isabelle Sauve noted that the City is not required to impose the same increase Hydro-Québec, but it can not impose a higher increase.

Hydro-Sherbrooke could also deal with a deficit in relation to the energy consumption forecasts of last winter. “Our budget is not a budget for a year like last year. It was for a normal year, but we may be a warmer year. Our meter readings are two months later, then we will be able to know where we position ourselves from there. There will also potentially a slight deficit there, but we will not know that during the next two months, “reports Christian Laprise.

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