“I do not accept that, it’s decadence,” said Mayor Tremblay

saguenay-jean-tremblayThe mayor of Saguenay is unequivocal. There is no place for people who have sexual activities on public land in the area of ​​Saint-Jean-Vianney, as elsewhere in the city.

“Long ago I had heard of it. I thought it was over, “said the mayor immediately, saying he was shocked by what he saw during a bike path in the area several years ago.

“The city can not encourage that. I do not accept that, it’s decadence. This is definitely not me who’ll make a place. If there is still such activities in the area, stop that. It makes no sense, “he says.

Now that the issue has resurfaced, the mayor promises to act.

“I have a message for them. They move. Them to go outside the city. Because me, I will send the police. Count on me, they will not have it easy. In Saguenay, we do not want that. Sexuality, it is alive between consenting individuals in private, not on public land. Saguenay, this is not a brothel. ”

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