Icy sidewalks, hell for pedestrians

verglas-ajoute-mercredi-nombreux-defis(Quebec) The icy sidewalks have caused many hardships for pedestrians Wednesday morning. In less than 12 hours, a citizen of Saint-Sacrement neighborhood, Joanne Laverdiere, even fell twice after the ice accumulated on poorly maintained footpaths.

This was the case at the corner of Cardinal Begin and Chemin Sainte-Foy. “We walked on the bare ice, near a hospital and more. The snow had not been picked up, it had become ice, with ice on top. There was no abrasive. “The other incident occurred yesterday, corner of Rene Levesque and Belvedere.

In the first fall, the most serious, the municipal official of 52 years fared with minor injuries to the neck and shoulder. Still, she had a complete claim file during a visit to his doctor Thursday, just to hold the City accountable in case it would develop sequelae.

“I have never seen that. We must think of the aging population is more and more difficult to move, she says. Would have to go blue collar at least check the work of subcontractors for key locations. ”

Everywhere in the city, pedestrians should exercise caution at every step. The spikes were an essential accessory to advance without risking injury. Around City Hall, mid-morning, many sidewalks were true rinks. Obviously, no melting or abrasive had been poured.

Occupied emergencies

The spokesman of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec, Pascale St-Pierre, confirms that the freezing rain on the city had “an impact” on the number of people admitted to the emergency of some hospitals, because of trauma related a fall. The increase was particularly marked in the Child Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi. There, in the late morning Wednesday 54 stretchers were occupied on a capacity of 34. “It overflows, but not necessarily all cases related to the time.”

At the corporation EMTs Quebec, the dispatcher David Munger speaks of a “busy morning” where ten people have been using their service because of an unfortunate fall out. “The number of calls was higher, especially between 6:45 ET 8am. We got seven, eight calls for falls related to the ice. Overall, we speak of minor injuries. ”


The elected opposition in city hall Labeaume hold the administration responsible for the “mess”, highlighting his “incompetence in managing essential services to the population.” In a statement, the head of Democracy Quebec, Paul Shoiry, believes that the City had yet had time to see it coming.

“We know for three days it will rain. How is it that this morning [Wednesday], so the sidewalks are icy and dangerous? Shoiry request. This is a public safety issue. […] Citizens complain, they are unhappy and they are right. The mayor cut too much in numbers and in equipment and wanted to save money. ”

Met on the sidelines of a meeting of the Agglomeration Council, Mayor Régis Labeaume did not hide his discouragement over weather upheavals, freezing rain Wednesday adding to the blizzard last week and previous episodes of mild weather. “This morning [Wednesday], I could not believe yet. It’s hell, is hell … In February and March, we experienced the worst scenario. ”

With the collaboration of Valérie Gaudreau

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