If you have not seen these movie sagas, only a resume can save you

film-serie-saga-suite-long-succes-regarderA guy has compiled the 8 “Harry Potter” movies in 80 minutes, perfect to catch up with your cinema culture. If he could go on and deal with that, it would be nice.

Big up to Tim Stiefler! The guy watched the 9:30 am of “Harry Potter” movies to get out a montage of 80 minutes, summing up the essentials. Named “Wizardhood”, his film is obviously not a model of the genre in terms of transition, but hey, who will dare to criticize it? Such an idea should even be encouraged. Like those who were unable to read the large cobblestones of French literature in college, it would be of inestimable help for those who are lazy to watch the sagas of films. A short summary would suffice. So, here are some suggestions
James Bond
Since the first opus in 1962, there have been 23 other films where the secret agent has walked his class around the world. In all, 2,934 minutes. Or 48.9 hours. Yeah, a summary would be handy. Before the (infinite) sequence arrives.

Star Wars
Already seven films, most recently with “The awakening of the force”, bringing the total minutes to 923. That is 15.38 hours. To beat them in one go, you really have to be motivated. You get up early, you have direct eyebrows and it’s time to go back to bed. With broken eyes. And it’s not over, there’s some coming soon.

Fast and furious
While waiting for the next one – which will be the 8th, take advantage to put you to the page. Either you mate the first seven, that is to say 823 minutes of big cases, tuning, chicks in shorts and dialogs all in finesse. Either you hope to see a summary. That could do the trick, eh. Because the 13.7 hours of “Fast and Furious”, on a shorter time span, is a blow to burst.

Among the two sagas that put this dear Sly in the spotlight, “Rocky” wins hands down against “Rambo”. With seven feature films, you can see Stallone send rights for 768 minutes, or 12.8 hours. It is done but I warn you, you will pass through moments of doubt, of perdition.

Unless you are maso, you will prefer to subdue the summary. Finally, if it happens one day. Car mater 669 minutes of scenes of horror or anguish, it tires your little heart. And you take your dose of nightmares. Seven movies and 11.15 hours of stress, I personally could not.

The summary would be called “Condensation”. Or “Satisfaction” Or “Césakébon”. History to respect the delirious names of the five films and shorten the 608 minutes of vampiro-normalo-amouro-complicated tribulations. Afterwards, the lovers of Robert Pattinson can always type the 10 hours if they wish.

Die Hard
Ten hours of John McClane in torn shirt, in bloody marcel, with short breath and the gun out. You’re coming from your house, you’re another man. So to avoid this, wait for the possible summary.

Jason Bourne
Even delirious but more modern, more spectacular. On the 601 minutes, roughly 10 hours, you will mainly see Matt Damon chain the races, jumps, infiltrations and negotiations. Problem, if you fall asleep, you will find it hard to know where you are. And you’ll mix everything. Being to be approximative, as much to content a summary quickly done well. Even badly done, by the way.

Stallone’s competitor in action films of the 1990s also had his saga. And yeah, Schwarzenegger shone in the five Terminators. In truth, it would take 594 minutes, or 9.9 hours. Not sure that every moment is indispensable.

The Lord of the Rings
Gros plus: it would seem dynamic. For in spite of the beauty of the landscapes and the plans, it must nevertheless be said that more than 9h of walk at 2 km / h, it is long. On the other hand, during these 562 minutes, you could go piss quiet, make you eat, browse …
And if you really want to do that well, you should also watch the three films on “The Hobbit”. And boom, almost 8 hours more in the mouth. To catch up at once, you’re wrong. I bet some would not spit on a small family summary, effective. It will remain between us.

But also…
“Hunger Games”, “The Fatal Weapon”, “Alien”, “Destination Finale”, “Mad Max”, “American Pie”, “Rambo”, “Taxi” … Who is hot to contact the guy and motivate him?

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