If you mate these films a little tired, you leave in a direct siesta

film-cine-cinema-silence-parole-dialogueVery few dialogues, a lot of silences, a minimalist sound ambience: if you are not deep, you crack. If silence is gold, it does not help keep your eyes open.
Attention, it does not detract from the quality of these films. Let them agree, they are worth it. Just have to know when to watch them and avoid the kind of trappings after a big family meal or late evening already comater.
Under the skin
Despite the presence of Scarlett Johansson, you have trouble staying focused. And yet the film is not long: only 1:48. But the whole atmosphere pushes you to wander: very little dialogue, moments of complete silence, sometimes music or traffic noises, wave … All, around a subject that you seek to clarify Given the lack of clear information you have at the beginning. Whether in the truck, in the street, in the very special house, you feel the same thing: a discomfort.

Imperturbable, he does not speak. Even when you ask him questions or tents to start a discussion. He is the pilot, interpreted by Ryan Gosling. The others speak for him, suddenly: his manager Shannon, the mafia Bernie, the pretty Irene … They accepted his code of conduct, his character. You too would do better. Otherwise you can not kiffer the movie. Note that the Canadian actor has put the cover in “The place beyond the pines”.

Valhallah rising
Also directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, this time with Mads Mikkelsen as main actor. Even less popular than “Drive”, widely. Frankly, in terms of speaking time on the duration of the film, one must be close to 10% (with the pifometer, I must not be far). The rest of the time, radio silence. In the mist, the valleys, with savages in all directions. Atmosphere. Christians, pagans, natives: everybody wants to fuck on the face. That’s it or nothing. The screams get you out of the torpor in which you had been plunged for several minutes. Moreover, the French subtitle is “Le guerrier silencieux”. You are not trapped.

2001 the odyssey of space
At a time when voices were multiplying in France, this film had to detonate. In 1968, Stanley Kubrick releases this epic film of 2:30 and throws people into a crazy thing. From the beginning, boom, 25 minutes of silence. You look, you wait, you wait, you wonder if it’s normal, limit. And even later, the dialogues are not legion. Fortunately, the images are beautiful, the music (classic) transports you and you cogites. A logical approach of the director because no sound can escape from the cosmos.

So young, Spielberg does in originality. A guy in the car finds himself trained by a camtar, without knowing why. The driver of the tanker sticks to her ass without stopping and seems warlike to the possible. You do not even see his face and you freak. The unfortunate persecuted enjoys a break at the petrol station to call his wife, if not tail slab. Not a word.

The bear
Place to nature, great spaces and reflection. A bear shows his mother go up to paradise and finds herself an orphan. A hard time. Fortunately, a bear adopts it and teaches it life. How to manage, to eat, to avoid the blows of firecrackers of the hunters … The latter incarnate obviously the evil. Before a good lesson is instilled. In any case, given the few human figures, potential situations, the environment, yes, do not expect to hear dialogue at the Tarantino. Who has ever seen these movies and had heavy eyelids?

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