Illegal Accommodation: the ball is in the City camp

avons-rien-contreDestination Sherbrooke reviews the file of illegal accommodation in Sherbrooke since at least 2013. If the law 67 governing tourist accommodation was expected to harmonize approaches and reactivate the file, the CEO of Destination Sherbrooke Denis Bernier believes that the ball is now in the City camp.

This is also with the objective to determine the actions to be taken by the municipality a working meeting is scheduled for May 5 between the actors of the City of Destination Sherbrooke and various houses and owners of hotel establishments Sherbrooke. They then seek ways to regulate activities on sites like Airbnb.

“We have nothing against the Airbnb and other platforms, but they say, is that it takes everyone plays with the same regulations,” said Mr. Bernier.

During last three years, Destination Sherbrooke has maintained a regular correspondence with the operators of accommodation facilities to document the situation. The para-municipal organization is also informed about the ways of the other cities. “I am a board member of Eastern Townships Tourism and this is an issue that often comes up on the table. That the Ministry of Tourism has in its law is one thing, but there are municipal actions that can be taken. It remains a gray area despite the legislation. For example, what do we mean when we talk occasionally hire? ”

Several tracks

May 5, Denis Bernier could offer more tracks to the Planning Department of the City of Sherbrooke. “We want to see how far the city can go. How far it wants to go, too, particularly in terms of reprimand. Which means she has to act? “Because he will certainly inspectors who track down the offenders, if the City decides to punish the culprits.

Mr. Bernier among others inspired the Regulation on the rental of rooms. He was interested in the concept of license, required for rooming houses. “You also see the connection between the tenant and the landlord. What are the responsibilities? What taxes must be levied if subletting? ”

The CEO of Destination Sherbrooke said that his role is to defend the players in the tourism industry. “The number of uncertified accommodation facilities is on the increase. It happened about 50 some years ago to over 150 today. This is a substantial increase. Accordingly, there may be deposits that have to close. You can not deregulate everything and live anarchy. But with 150 non-certified accommodation places, the situation can still be controlled. We still have the means to act. ”

For Mr. Bernier, lodges operators, hotels and motels are key players in the tourism industry. “They are paying lodging taxes that are used to promote the destination. So there are people who take advantage of this promotion without contribute. That does not make any sense. If everyone wants to play on the same ice, you have to play with the same rules. ”

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