Illegal work stoppage blue collar

travailleurs-manuels-ville-ete-transportesBlue-collar workers in Montreal have answered the call of their union in large numbers this morning. The hall with a capacity of 3,000 people hired at the convention center to hold a special general meeting was full, La Presse found.

“We crinques, we are tanned, they will respect us, you’ll see,” said the president of the blue-collar union, Chantal Racette at the meeting held in a charged atmosphere. “We just show today that will not let them trample our working conditions.”

The city’s manual workers were transported by school bus to the workplace to the Palace of Congress this morning. The meeting ended at 9:20. Thousands of workers are then reassembled on buses to return to work before noon. Everything went peacefully.

Employees scheduled who decided to go to the meeting are illegal work stoppage since the collective agreement for blue-collar runs until December 2017.

The blue collar union wants to negotiate with the City to enter into a new employment contract in 2016. At the meeting, a draft collective agreement was presented to the members. “Today, we are writing a page of history,” Ms. Racette said.

The union in particular request to increase the number of permanent positions from 4000 to 4800. They also want better reconciliation of work and family measures and disability insurance for all workers.

Yesterday afternoon, the Labour Relations Board (LRB) ruled that summoned blue collar to give a benefit of regular work this morning.

In his ruling yesterday, the Commissioner Pierre Cloutier had also ordered the president Chantal Racette and all members of the union office to inform members of his decision and take the necessary measures to provide that normal service work.

Yesterday morning, the City of Montreal had submitted an urgent application to the CRT, fearing that blue-collar workers do not show up to work today.

According to the City of Montreal, 3000 blue collars were scheduled today.

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