Illegal work stoppage: nearly 2,400 blue-collar workers could be suspended

cols-bleus-participe-assemblee-syndicaleThe Coderre Directors decided to replicate muscled to the illegal work stoppage blue collar Tuesday by imposing a week of suspension without pay for workers who participated. It also suspended without pay Chantal Racette President and other members of the union executive for a period of two months.

Nearly 2,400 blue-collar workers were working on the day shift Tuesday. The City is accurately determine how many are absent themselves from work to attend a special meeting.

“We recommend tough sanctions to send a clear message to the union to the effect that the City will not be intimidated and will not accept illegal actions,” it said in a letter that the director of labor relations Danny Boudreault sent Thursday to the director general of the City, Alain Marcoux, and La Presse obtained.

To ensure that the city continues to function normally, the suspensions of the City’s employee manual will not all be done at the same time and will be spread over a period of six months.

Chantale Racette refused to grant us an interview.

“I want to assure all members that we are with them and that others will not give up,” she said this morning, however, the microphone of Paul Arcand. “Off-the-law it is not we, currently, it is the governments and mayors who are trying to decree our working relationship,” she added

Blue-collar workers will they pressure other means before the end of their contract? “Of course we will not stand idly by,” she replied. “But never, we never take the population hostage, because we are too proud to be blue collar. ”

Last Tuesday, a few thousand blue collar workers attended a meeting at the convention center. Those who went there during their work hours were unlawful arrest, since the collective agreement for blue-collar is in effect until 2017. The day before, an emergency decision rendered by the Labour Relations Commission (CRT ) summoned them to return to work.

Reactions to City Hall

“From react as much, it’s just going to throw fire on the oil,” responded Luc Ferrandez, Leader of the Opposition in Montreal.

“An illegal strike is not acceptable”, for his part denounced Denis Coderre before the City Council. The mayor said he wanted to “send a strong and clear message that there is zero tolerance for illegal strikes.”

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