Imminent prosecution against senator Pamela Wallin?

senatrice-pamela-wallin-frauduleusement-recuIn the sights of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) for a year and a half for the reimbursement of claims “suspicious”, the senator Pamela Wallin may have to face the justice of the “imminent”, reported Monday CTV News. According to the chain, the RCMP would have given the results of the long-term investigation to the Crown prosecutors.

The decision to bring charges against Pamela Wallin returns ultimately to the RCMP. However, the Crown may from time to time to check if the evidence is strong enough to have a reasonable chance of a conviction at a trial. If charges were brought, it would be a new blow to the campaign of the conservative opposition leader, shaken by the Duffy trial.

The senator appointed by Stephen Harper had been suspended from the Senate in November 2013 at the same time as Patrick Brazeau and Mike Duffy, who has his trial for fraud, corruption and breach of trust. Brazeau and former liberal senator Mac Herb have also been accused of fraud and breach of trust in February 2014.

The senator would have fraudulently received nearly $ 27 500 $ of public funds to attend events as a member of the board of directors of both companies, according to documents filed in court last January by the RCMP. Pamela Wallin would have filled 150 refund requests “suspicious”. In one of them, the senator claimed to have met with Peter Munk, the chairman of the mining giant Barrick Gold in Toronto. The latter, however, has certified to the RCMP not to have met him because he was in Switzerland at that time.

Pamela Wallin has repaid more than$ 150,000 to the Senate for travel expenses unjustified.

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