Impact: a victory signed Drogba

Memory soccer fan, you don’t remember Saturday night at the final whistle having seen such Impact game at home. There has been at stade Saputo: goals cascade, a victory of Montreal 4-3, a scenario completely insane and a first gleaming: that of Didier Drogba, author of no fewer than three goals ! Mauro Biello could not have hoped for better for his debut as a head coach.

Inevitably, it was the attraction of the evening being the holder at the kick-off for the first time since his arrival in Montreal. And of course, he was the darling of the public. But rightly so. Because yesterday evening, Didier Drogba did not fail his first.

From the first seconds, it is highlighted up the head a long center of Mapp, raising the audience’s applause. As the game progressed, in his aerial duels, he won all the balls to the head. He came to lend a strong hand to his defence with efficiency on the kicking stopped. And it has made all the difference, each time in one-on-one, nailing him to place his opponent. Not to mention that it sometimes has distributed good ball in front of it.

And then there was that goal in the 27th minute of the game. On a center of Reo-Coker came from the right, Drogba took of the outside of the right foot victoriously. Needless to say such an extent that he was there to permanently win the public. And wake up his partner.

Because until then, there had not been a grand thing to be put in the tooth, the Impact experiencing the worst difficulties to recover the ball in midfield. While the Fire dominated the proceedings without being really dangerous.

This goal has packed up the party and highlighted at the same time the defensive deficiencies of the rear-guard of montreal, which had kept the fort up here. It was enough of a lack of Maxime Tissot on Harry Shipp in the penalty area in the 34th minute to put the Fire back in the saddle, his captain Jeff Larentowicz in charge of turning the penalty.

The end of the first period then became unbridled when Wandrille Lefevre, forgotten by the american defense, took a header from corner kick taken by Marco Donadel (2-1). But the Impact, not enough close watch on the release of the game, was joined on the score once again. Donny Toia could not prevent Kennedy Igboananike to focus for the right foot of Gilberto (2-2).

The second period resumed on the same bases as the last quarter of an hour of the first. The ball went from one goal to the other and the match was completely crazy.

First, it is the Fire that scored again in the 59th minute, Kennedy Igboananike jumping higher than everyone on the corner (2-3). And then Didier Drogba has unsheathed two minutes later. Nacho Piatti played a quick free kick for the Ivorian who does not disentitle her to score from close range (3-3). Boiling, the audience exploded when the same Drogba condemned were stoned the poor Sean Johnson (4-3).

Right foot, left foot, head, Didier Drogba has done everything. He has eclipsed the absences sometimes detrimental in defense of the side of Montreal. But praise be forgotten, wrongly, great performance Saturday night from some of his teammates as Wandrille Lefèvre, Justin Mapp or Nigel Reo-Coker (yes).

It again. Looking forward to the next match.

The Stopru