“Inappropriate and abusive,” said Coderre

administration-coderre-avait-jusqua-aujourdhuiIn his rebuttal to the Federal Minister of the Environment Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre describes his ministerial order to stop the discharge of sewage into the river of “inappropriate and abusive”.

“Taking a ministerial order in the context of temporary sewage bypass respects neither the spirit nor the letter of the regulations that apply to the discharge of wastewater from municipal wastewater systems Canadian Water, “wrote the mayor in his letter, made public this afternoon.

The Coderre administration had until today afternoon to convince the Minister Leona Aglukkaq, not to order the suspension of the spill of 8 billion liters of sewage into the St. Lawrence River. Wednesday, Minister Aglukkaq declared a “temporary stop” rejection while removing the scientific review of Environment Canada officials hands folder and entrust it to an “independent expert”.

In his letter, the mayor lists four consequences that could arise if the work is not completed by the end of November:

-On Exposes treatment facilities to receive various sizes of debris that will damage and create equipment failure;

-We Are exposed to unplanned downtime of certain operating facilities, which poses risks to the receiving waters and river users as these stops can occur unexpectedly at any time of year ;

-on Increases the risk of blockages caused by debris that decrease the ability of the arrester to deliver wastewater. Their presence causes a recurring increase overflows during rainstorms;

-It Will not be possible during the coming winter, treat tens of thousands of tons of waste snow into the sewerage system of the City of Montreal.

Remains to be seen if the arguments of the mayor will be sufficient to prevent the minister to sign the order. The latter has not yet responded to the letter.

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