Increase falls: orthopedists are overwhelmed

arteres-derniersThe good weather of the last days, combined with evenings and colder nights, made the sidewalks and streets impassable and especially quite dangerous for pedestrians and motorists.

The orthopedic department of University Centre Integrated health and social services (CIUSSS) of Chicoutimi was overwhelmed throughout the weekend, even forcing the transfer of two patients to the Alma hospital.

“Over the weekend, we had 19 cases referred in orthopedics. This is an exceptional situation. We have rarely seen it in the past. We had to transfer two cases of surgery in Alma, because there was no room in Chicoutimi. It shows the particular case of things, “said Marc-Antoine Tremblay, spokesman CIUSSS.

It seems that Alma and Roberval, the other two places where it is practiced this kind of surgery in the region, the situation last weekend was similar to other times of the year.

And the city

While many orthopedic surgeries were necessary to the Chicoutimi hospital, it is possible to think that icy sidewalks and public parking lots, bumpy roads of the Saguenay districts, as slippery public and private inflows was largely responsible for some unfortunate falls.

“Yes, we have received calls in recent days. This is a situation quite normal in the circumstances. We started to take control of the situation (Monday lunch). Graders are working and sand is spread over the entire territory. But we must also let go the spring temperature, “says Jeannot Allard, Saguenay Communications Department.

“Over the last week, we managed to go around all the neighborhoods to widen streets. The snow was blown onto the land. We will see how things function of time, “added Allard.

As for injuries that citizens could be at the falls, the city spokesman recommend people to file a claim with their insurance company and another in Saguenay.

“Each case is treated in the room,” he said.

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