Influence peddling: a former adviser to Harper pleads not guilty

bruce-carson-affirme-lors-enqueteA former senior adviser to Stephen Harper would have benefited from his alleged attempt to influence the government to provide water purification systems manufactured by the company of his old girlfriend, pleaded Crown prosecutors in connection his trial which opened Monday.

Bruce Carson has formally pleaded not guilty to charges of influence peddling against him – another matter that has been denounced by the opposition parties, who question the appointment of outgoing Prime Minister.

Carson said during his preliminary hearing that he had simply wanted to help when he tried to facilitate meetings between the Ottawa company, h2oWater Professionals and representatives of the government, in 2010 and 2011.

The Crown attorney Jason Nicol, however, maintained in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that Mr. Carson had not only altruistic goals by trying to help the company to close the sale systems filtration of First Nations communities who were trying to solve their problems of contaminated water.

Carson, according to Mr. Nicol, was motivated by his desire to help his lover at the time, Michele MacPherson, who was trying to rebuild his life after practicing escort craft.

The preliminary investigation of the documents were submitted as evidence at his trial, which is expected to last one day.

“Everything revolves around a beautiful girl,” said Mr. Nicol, who read the thick binders of evidence.

“She is the only reason we are in there,” Carson wrote in his conquest of the past in an email he had sent to the owner of the company H2O. In this message, he had raised the possibility that Ms. MacPherson receives a commission for the sale.

The accused allegedly told the owner Patrick Hill he could arrange meetings with government ministers and officials so that it can sell its products. Carson would have even contacted the Prime Minister himself to address this issue.

The Crown argued that even if Mr. Carson had not really influence, he claimed to have and he used it for his own benefit.

Bruce Carson was a key adviser to Prime Minister Harper from 2006-2008.

Harper’s opponents have been quick on Monday to link the outgoing Prime Minister to the accused.

Justin Trudeau Liberal leader Bruce Carson has ranked among the “long list of questionable appointments” the Conservative leader. “Mr. Harper was not very good in selecting people who have to serve Canadians with competence and integrity, “lamented Mr. Trudeau.

Questioned on the subject while in Kamloops, Vancouver, Harper simply said that it was allegations against a private citizen who no longer works at his desk long time.

Carson case closely follows the highly publicized trial of Senator Mike Duffy, who forced the Conservatives to deviate from their electoral message during two weeks in August.

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