Instant Games. Facebook integrates 17 new video games with Messenger

instant-games-facebook-integre-17-nouveaux-jeux-video-messengerFacebook has put into service Tuesday a new feature of its integrated messaging system called Messenger. Called Instant Games, it allows access to 17 video games such as the famous “Pac Man” or “Space invaders”.

Conversing may not be enough for users of Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging that has conquered 800 million users. Since Tuesday, November 29, the social network has put at their disposal a new function that allows to play a selection of 17 video games, called “Instant games”.

Among them are the classics Pac-Man (Bandai Namco), Galaga (Bandai Namco), Arkanoid (Taito) or Space Invaders (Taito).


To access it, simply click on the joystick icon located in the options bar at the bottom of a conversation. The guest interlocutor (s) can then challenge you on the same game that you choose.

“Based on our past attempts with football or basketball, we know that mini-games are popular on Messenger,” said David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president of Messenger at Mashable. With the sharing of scores, the social network relies on encouraging users to surrender and commit to the application

These Instant games are available in 30 countries, including Austalia, Canada, the United States and Japan, for mobile devices running iOS 8 and Android 5. For now the games available are free.

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