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dostie-qs-heleneThe Liberal candidate in Chicoutimi, Francyne T. Gobeil says do not personally know the Minister Sam Hamad. It maintains that it will have to face the music if he committed acts that go against its role as cabinet member and elected to the National Assembly.

It does not take more for his PQ opponent, Mireille Jean, described his behavior “willful blindness and a certain approval in this way to liberal.” According to Mireille Jean, Ms. Gobeil implicitly endorse the behavior of President of the Treasury Board who left Quebec to Florida in turmoil. It was inevitable for the Liberal candidate that this matter integrity is invited in the current election. As part of a debate organized by the Saguenay Press Club, the main interested argued that citizens met him have not reported the matter to the headlines for a week.

This Meanwhile, Mireille Jean says he does not suffer from anti-union behavior of its leader Pierre Karl Péladeau in a region where union density is high. On the contrary, argues Mireille Jean, his head always receives a good reception of citizens of Chicoutimi and counts on his support.

Rio Tinto Aluminium

Latest ads of Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) regarding the streamlining efforts within its senior staff and suppliers have been discussed during this debate. Francyne T. Gobeil pointed exchanges between its leader Philippe Couillard and senior management of the multinational which are reassuring about the future and demonstrate that there is a communication channel between the government and the company in a difficult period . She said the government must answer this when the company projects.

The candidate of Québec solidaire, Pierre Dostie, went much further. He believes that the Quebec government should simply proceed with the nationalization of the multinational dams in the region. “We could continue to sell their electricity with rates adjusted for jobs,” argued the candidate who has no problem supporting the principle of nationalization.

Hélène Girard, of the future Quebec Coalition, substantially repeated the arguments of its leader François Legault. It requires that Philippe Couillard settled in the executive offices of RTA until we get the investment announcements to support the regional economy.

The PQ candidate Mireille jean described as scandalous the fact that RTA finance its cash by delaying payments to local suppliers, and until 130 days. She added that the behavior of the multinational will be just as damaging to the whole sector of the regional consulting engineering while the company says subcontracted to the only firm Adecco volume engineered for specific projects. She said the government should be more active in the application of the continuity agreement that framed the whole aspect of job creation.

Tax system

On taxation, the caquiste Hélène Girard candidate insisted his party’s commitment to reduce taxes of $ 500 per worker per year ($ 100 for a couple), to counter the package of measures adopted by the Liberal government pushed the tax burden on families. Québec solidaire persists on its side with a network of child care available and free for all families.

“The Parti Quebecois has established a Care Policy and the Liberal Party of Quebec is to demolish,” reiterated Pierre Dostie who deems necessary public investment in early childhood. He took over the ball on the rebound by accusing the Liberals of generating the “disease” by applying the excessive fiscal austerity accompanied by a health reform that removes all the aspects of prevention to enrich doctors.

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