Intense early biking season

ultra-12-heures-saguenayTwenty cyclists have experienced early season for the least busy Sunday. The first edition of the Ultra 24:00 Saguenay gave a hard time to the participants who were rolling into the coast of St. Martin rank.

To give you an idea, the winner Alexandre Genois did 10 laps of the route of 29.1 kilometers in 11 hours and 17 minutes, for a total of 291 kilometers.

The 12-hour cycle was the first race of the season ultracyclisme Grouping of Quebec (RUQ), which offers cyclists long distance bike races.

“Each cyclist had its own objectives and that’s what was interesting, observed the organizer of the Ultra 12 hours, Sylvain Grenier, who is also the founder of RUQ. Some wanted to make a precise distance, while others wanted to ride as long as possible. ”

In addition to some steep slopes facing the wind has complicated the task of the participants. The organizer has received good reviews and most have confirmed their return to the second edition, which is scheduled April 29, 2017.

He said that the first edition was a pilot project and that the necessary corrections would be made next year.

“During the event, everyone wanted to kill me, but they all said they would come back next year,” he started laughing, referring to the difficulty of the course.


Sylvain Grenier was also among the starters. He was able to experience fully.

“I participate myself in my events, but not in order to win, he said. It is mainly for live and do my self-criticism. ”

The next race of the Quebec Coalition ultracyclisme is the extreme Tour on June 25, followed by the Challenge 21, July 9. Participants will then travel 330 kilometers in one day. The course, as a loop, go through the Bas-Saguenay (Highway 170), before returning by road 381 in Charlevoix.

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