Interference with CHUM accusations “frivolous” said Barrette

ministre-sante-gaetan-barrette(Quebec) The accusations of interference and non-respect of commitments undertaken by the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CHUM, Jean-Claude Deschênes, are “completely wacky” says the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette. Its release is “strictly political operation,” he said.

In the liberal camp, notes that Mr. Deschênes gave $ 800 to the Parti Quebecois in the last three years. It is an attack “disgusting” replies Mr. Deschênes, for which the Minister has assumed too much power on the network.

This new chapter in the saga of the CHUM opened when, in an interview with Le Devoir yesterday, Mr. Deschênes announced he slammed the door of the establishment. It was the second time in five months. In fact, this governance expert withdrew as candidate for President of the CHUM Board of Directors. The man of 78 years has held this position since the beginning of last year. Recall that with the law 10 on the reorganization of the health system, all boards are suspended since March 31. Quebec must form new CA by the end of September.

Mr. Deschênes left the CHUM the first time in March, accusing the minister of interference Barrette in the process of appointment of the head of the surgery department. He returned to post later, after an intervention by the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard.

New CA

However, according to Jean-Claude Deschênes, Minister Barrette broke the promises he made to ensure his return. He had promised to form a new board quickly in the month of April, he told.

“It was never said. I do not know where he takes it, “replied Mr. Barrette. “The only thing that was clear in the agreement is that his candidature would be considered. Just as I am committed to the fact that [CA CHUM] be appointed in priority. But primarily, it does not mean I’m going to go over the law. It is also necessary that the experts do their job. ”

According to Mr. Barrette, the new Board will be formed, “as agreed, the first or the first”, “well before September 30th.” Mr. Deschênes reiterated that it was contrary to the promise to act quickly. He was one of three candidates recommended by the committee of experts to take the head of the CA, noted the Minister.

Another broken promise, according to Mr. Deschênes: CEO has not had direct access to the office of Prime Minister in case of problems. The cabinet of Philippe Couillard claims that he did not receive calls from the CHUM.

Jean-Claude Deschênes added that the Minister has interfered in the appointment process for the chief of surgery department, despite its commitment. The Minister replied that he Barrette has occurred only once, at the request of the CEO of the CHUM. Instead of “Mr. governance,” Jean-Claude Deschênes should be nicknamed “Mr. pride,” he began.

Reached by La Presse, the former Chairman of the Board has maintained his story, without going into details. “I do not want to launch media saga,” said he said. “There is no political motive in my decision. The law gives us the right to contribute to a party, and it does not mean that one loses all right to speak as a citizen. All my career I have been very quiet about it. I support one party or another, it has nothing to do. ”

“I am a citizen for 50 years, observed the evolution of the health system, and does not return, he added. CAs are hardly more than symbols. The minister made a siphon up. Everything must be directed and supported by the Ministry. There is a de facto guardianship institutions for four months. ”

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