Intermediate Room: the ball is in the City camp, said Fortin

ministre-culture-lucThe member for Sherbrooke and Culture Minister, Luc Fortin, ensures that closely follows the construction file to an intermediate auditorium downtown.

While in Sherbrooke Tuesday the spokesman of the opposition for Culture, Véronique Hivon, challenged the new Minister of Culture. “I know that the mayor of Sherbrooke is very active on this file and he believes much there, but it is now up to the member for Sherbrooke, precisely Culture Minister, to say that this is an important project for the community and do whatever is needed to make it happen. It has a magnificent project in the hands and we feel that he is behind, “she launched in interview with La Tribune.

In response to these remarks, Mr. Fortin held to take stock of this issue which has been stalled for several years.

“The first document that I signed as Minister of Culture was the resolution of the City to renew the agreement in principle between the Ministry of Culture and the latter to the effect that the government is committed to pay $ 4 million for the construction of such a venue for the youth, “says Fortin.

The member for Sherbrooke, the ball is now in the court of the City and Scene Side body.

“I confirm that there are still $ 4 million into the coffers of the ministry, but upon signature of the agreement, it was very clear that we will not be funding the costs of operation of the theater. So the City, promoting the project, and the body side Scene ensure they have the funds necessary to the functioning of places and when this will happen, we will move forward, “says the Minister of Culture.

Under the agreement, the City of Sherbrooke will pay 40% of the construction costs of the building at an estimated cost of about $ 8 million. It then assumes the annual lighting costs, heating and cooling of the building (estimated at $ 38,000 in 2010). Artistic companies assume 10 percent of the venue construction costs and responsibilities and expenses of the artistic and administrative management thereof.

“Although the agreement stipulates that the city must operate, it is not excluded that one day the department is involved. But for now, the amount of $ 4 million is fixed and the government must get a commitment from Sherbrooke to be sure not to build a white elephant, “says Fortin.

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