Intermediate Room: Veronique Hivon invites Luc Fortin to mark time

mardi-porte-paroleThe spokesman of the opposition for Culture, Véronique Hivon, says Luc Fortin should “mark time and do whatever is necessary” for the project to build an intermediate auditorium at Sherbrooke finally move forward.

“This is a project I believe a lot since the youth theater and dance have no proper dissemination in Sherbrooke and it hurts them. We have seen in the statistics, the Eastern Townships is the region where there is the lower rate of assistance for drama and child-youth dance in Quebec. How to taste the young are given to be interested in culture? By promoting the construction of such a venue, “says Véronique Hivon, passage in Sherbrooke Tuesday.

The spokesman of the Parti Quebecois for Culture and Justice used his stop in Sherbrooke to meet Scene Side of the people behind the project. Ms. Hivon believes that Luc Fortin should enjoy his new title of Minister of Culture for the new room – requested by the cultural environment since 1985 – finally born.

“I know that the mayor of Sherbrooke is very active on this file and he believes much there, but it is now up to the member for Sherbrooke, precisely Culture Minister, to say that this is an important project for the community and do whatever is needed to make it happen. It has a magnificent project in the hands and we feel that he is behind, “she continues.

Recall that the city recently passed a resolution asking the Ministry of Culture and Communication (MCC) to extend, for a period of two years, the agreement in principle to the establishment of a specialized venue for theater and dance for young audiences in downtown. The City of Sherbrooke and reaffirmed its intention to pay 40% of the construction costs of the building at an estimated cost of about $ 8 million. It then assumes the annual lighting costs, heating and cooling of the building (estimated at $ 38,000 in 2010). Artistic companies assume 10 percent of the venue construction costs and responsibilities and expenses of the artistic and administrative management thereof.

“Environmental requirements are well established, envelopes also. The community has already amassed a $ half a million, which shows that there are many people who believe it.

“I believe that the construction of this room is a larger issue that Sherbrooke since it will become a venue within the national broadcasting network. If we want an identity and cultural vitality in Quebec, we must rely on culture. And 0.5% of the overall state budget, there is certainly no abuse, “believes Ms. Hivon.

A meeting at the Maison Aube-Lumiere
Véronique Hivon met with management of the Maison Aube-Lumière Tuesday first hospice in Canada agreed to implement all of the law on end of life care.

The spokesman of the Parti Quebecois for Culture and Justice piloted the bill that led to the adoption of Bill 52. “As responsible for the file on end of life care, I wanted to meet people Aube-Lumiere. I wanted to understand what had brought them to take that position, how it was received in the field and how the application of the law was happening, “says the member for Joliette.

One of the findings from this meeting is that the population needs to be more fully informed in relation to this law.

“I constantly challenges the Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrette, for it ensures that people are well equipped compared to end of life care and that it is not solely people from the health community. The general public must understand the reality of this law, “argues Ms. Hivon who believes that assisted dying is gradually taking root, despite the reluctance of some groups and several doctors.

“The doctors who agree to do it, it’s their way of saying that the patient is at the center of everything. It’s a big challenge, but I believe that assistance to die gradually managed to implant, “she concludes.

In Sherbrooke all day Tuesday, Ms. Hivon also met with students from the University of Sherbrooke to discuss sovereignty and the Society of Saint Francis.

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