IPhone 2017: Apple would opt for a curved screen

iphoneDifficult yet to do the robot portrait of the next iPhone, expected next year. One thing is for sure, Apple needs to hit a big hit for the tenth anniversary of its smartphone while its sales are heading downward.

The apple is awaited at the turning side design. The metal should thus be replaced by glass affirms a Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst for KGI Securities reputed for the correctness of his views. The glass had already been used by Apple to cover the front and back sides of iPhones 4 and 4s.

Problem, of course, glass is more sensitive to breakage. Ming-Chi Kuo ensures that this concern is surmountable however explains Business Insider. He advocates the use of a glass called 2.5D and not 3D, the design of which allows it to be more resistant to shocks. Except that it is for the time impossible to realize a phone entirely made of glass. On the housing side, the analyst therefore expects the use of aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the models, as on Watch.

On the screen, it seems that the firm has opted for OLED technology. Jeng Wu Tai, Sharp’s CEO, said the apple firm was going to adopt this technology. A contract in this direction was signed between Apple and Samsung for a first batch of 100 million screens. Better, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple would take on board the innovation that made the success of its competitor: the curved screen made possible by the use of OLED technology.

However, the daily stresses that the giant is currently testing a dozen prototypes of which only some are OLED. It should be said that Samsung and other manufacturers using this technology (LG and Sharp) struggle to keep pace due to manufacturing problems. Worse, according to Bloomberg, this situation will cause significant delays that could affect the production of the next iPhone.

To deal with this situation and to avoid being too dependent on Samsung, Apple could diversify its suppliers, including LG Display which announced a year ago that it was going to build an Oled screen production plant for all sorts Of devices: televisions, smartphones, tablets, connected watches, multimedia automotive systems … The investment is of the most consequent, it amounts to 8.7 billion dollars. The plant was scheduled to enter service in the first half of 2018.

Finally, note that as previously reported, Apple would introduce wireless charging in its phones. According to Nikkei Asian Review, Foxconn Technology Group, one of Apple’s leading partners, manufactures wireless charging modules for the iPhone 2017.

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