IPhone 8 should be able to charge wirelessly

apple-650x365Induction charging, already used for the Apple Watch, should be offered as an option for the iPhone 8, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple specialist.

What about the charger cables? Too fragile, bulky and often full of knots, the system of conventional chargers is far from optimal. Apple should propose to its users to do without the iPhone 8 planned for 2017. Instead, an induction charging system thanks to a magnetic pellet.

The iPhone 8 in the footsteps of the Apple Watch
Apple has already eliminated the jack, used to listen to music, on the iPhone 7. It seems that the manufacturer plans a new mini-revolution. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple specialist, “all new iPhone in 2017 will be able to recharge wirelessly.” The mark thus provides for the use of the induction-charging technique. A technology already available for Apple Watch in Apple’s catalog.

However, there is still no question of removing the “Lightning” plug, now used to charge iPhones. For now, this would be an option for users. This is also a way of offering a higher price to customers wishing to acquire the magnetic pellet.

A technology used by Samsung and … Ikea
The brand does not revolutionize the world of telephony with this technology. It is already used by Samsung since the Galaxy S6, by Sony with the Xperia Z3 or on the Lumia 735, 830 and 950 from Microsoft. More surprisingly, the brand Ikea also offers furniture equipped with QI technology that allows to recharge its wireless devices. Note however that Google after proposing this technology, no longer offers it on these latest models. The brand then returned to the USB-C, which allows to connect in any direction.

It is the Taiwanese company Pegatron that should be in charge of this project for Apple. It is a regular subcontractor of the apple brand. It will probably take a few more months to get more details. Patience, then!

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