Iraq: discovery of a new mass grave of victims of the EI

cette-image-tiree-video-onA mass grave surrounded by mines, which would find the remains of more than 120 people killed by the organization Islamic State (EI), was discovered in northern Iraq, said Saturday liable.

This is the sixth mass grave discovered near the town of Sinjar since the jihadist group was forced out in mid-November, told AFP the responsible for the area, Mahma Khalil.

The EI Sinjar had taken control in August 2014, leading to a series of massacres, kidnappings and rapes against the Yezidi minority, which constituted the majority of its population.

The UN had described the attack as “attempted genocide”.

Many mines were placed around the site, which houses the remains of 123 people according to the testimonies of people who witnessed the executions, Mr. Khalil added.

The mines are frequently used by radical Sunni group that has taken control of large swathes of Iraqi territory last year. They pose a major threat even after the jihadists, preventing IDPs from returning home.

The mass grave, located about 10 km west of Sinjar, has not yet been exhumed, said Mr. Khalil.

Another mass grave discovered in the area would house the bodies of dozens of women that EI would run, according to an official.

The Kurdish forces, with the support of the Air coalition led by the US, chased the jihadists Sinjar November 13.

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