Isabelle Gaston Guy Turcotte was violent psychologically

isabelle-gaston-centre(St. Jerome) Guy Turcotte was a good father. He has never beaten his children, and has not been physically violent with his wife. But Isabelle Gaston claims to have suffered from “psychological violence” because of disparaging towards him. It made her feel as “not good”, she said.

“He told me:” you’re never happy … ma’am, I did that for her … “Today I consider this as emotional abuse. I thought I was a rotten apple, not a good mother. I, today, I know I was a great mom, maybe not the best joint. But I did what I could. I it again anytime with my children, I would change nothing, “said Isabelle Gaston vigorously Tuesday while she was against-examined by counsel for Guy Turcotte, Mr. Guy Poupart.

Ms. Gaston recognizes the harm and she recognizes Guy Turcotte.

It was a toxic relationship from both sides, she has said, before indicating to the jury that it had taken a university course on domestic violence, after the tragedy. “I wanted to understand why I, my children had been killed. Why I took a man like that. He did not snatch fingers, but, yes, there was domestic violence, “she began.

Ms. Gaston described a Guy Turcotte unenthusiastic in general. She, she sees the glass half full, while he sees the half empty, she has shown. They had a different education. His was focused on taking advantage of life, she said, while Guy has a religious family, for whom it is not okay to have nice things and have fun .


The relationship with Guy Turcotte has never been a bed of roses, but in 2008 things got shaken up. They had befriended Martin Huot and Patricia Giroux, a couple, both coaches in a gym. In autumn 2008, the four were to go to Quebec City for a conference which involved Isabelle Gaston. But Ms. Giroux and Mr. Turcotte withdrew. Isabelle Gaston and Martin Huot went there alone. During this weekend, they began an emotional relationship, without the knowledge of their respective spouses. “Yes, and I regret it enormously,” argued Mrs. Gaston. I’m guilty of having had that relationship. ”

For much of the morning on Tuesday, Mr. Poupart questioned Ms. Gaston on trips she made ​​during the year prior to February 20, 2009, day or Guy Turcotte killed their two children, in a context of separation.

Ms. Gaston acknowledged that they often traveled. Their salaries far above the average allowed them, she has argued. Sometimes they were traveling with children and sometimes without the children. Their last trip with the children took place in January 2009 in Mexico. Once there, Mrs. Gaston received an email from Martin Huot, informing him that his wife had discovered their infidelity, and that it had informed Guy Turcotte. So Guy Turcotte knew before leaving on the trip, but he did not say anything. Ms. Gaston was angry. “It should have been me who would have received this anger,” she has said. But Guy Turcotte wanted them to spend the week without talking about their relationship. What they have done so. “I took my hole, I had to make myself Pogner to deceive my husband,” recounted Ms. Gaston.

Upon their return, Mr. Turcotte rented a house in Piedmont, and are moved, January 26. Less than a month later, he stabbed his children Olivier and Anne-Sophie, 46 times.

The me against Gaston M-examination was concluded in the afternoon. She then left the courthouse without comment.

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