Isabelle Richer obtained his discharge from hospital

isabelle-richer(Québec) Three weeks after his serious bicycle accident, journalist Isabelle Richer finally got released from the hospital late Thursday.

“There it is installed in a nice big room with a rehabilitation institute, where they will enjoy a much calmer environment,” says Geneviève Richer on Facebook’s sister.

She mentioned that the journalist left the hospital in a wheelchair, arms full of gifts received on his birthday. “Rather merry as picture!” Launches Geneviève wrote in his message on the Facebook page News Isabelle , she feeds every day since the accident.

Isabelle Richer suffered a head injury and cervical fractures after being hit by a truck in Rougemont, Montérégie, June 27 Despite the seriousness of his injuries, the prognosis was very encouraging doctors immediately after the accident: the journalist should keep no ill effects of the accident, even if months of recovery and rehabilitation ahead before they can resume work.

On the Facebook page News Isabelle , loved by 28,000 people, Geneviève Richer gives news and tells anecdotes about the health of her sister. Among them, both on Thursday, where she asked the staff of the Institute for Rehabilitation “which was the minibar, she was so impressed with the whole” five stars “of the place,” says her sister.

“The return of his sense of humor bodes very good things,” she adds. “First for morale, I would have thought much more banged up, given the circumstances, but rather it comes from a great serenity, knowing already lucky to be alive. Then for cognitive recovery, which continues to make dramatic progress every day, “says his sister Genevieve, herself a doctor.

She added that the rapid evolution of the state of Isabelle “portends that the fog lifts gently on his conscience and memory as the brain bruises fade.”

The journalist does not mean the end of his troubles, says his sister. She still feels “some untoward symptoms (…) as an intermittent diplopia [translation: she sees double occasionally] and dysphagia [translation: she has difficulty swallowing] secondary to his neck pain.”

Isabelle Richer will be “supported” by a horde of therapists today.

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