Other issues raised around the disc golf

parc-victoriaThe idea of ​​building a disc golf course at Victoria Park continues to raise questions. A citizen is submitted to the council on Monday to check whether the grouping of Victoria Park Friends can be heard in addition to raising it would maintain the park to keep it in condition before adding infrastructure.

Philippe Lebel qualifies as a frequent user of Victoria Park. “My concern is that Victoria Park has a family vocation. To learn that we have $ 125,000 for the park, it’s very interesting, but for me, it came out a little bare. We do not know which way the disc golf project. Sure there are safety aspects. The course is in a hemlock forest is a forest that is not recognized exceptional, but in my opinion takes something exceptional. It’s still a very old forest. In this type of forest, these are rather thin soils rather fragile, “he argued.

Mr. Lebel has mostly put into perspective the investments planned for the disc golf while the fountains adjacent to the pool were bad all summer. “They have not been repaired in the summer. It becomes insulting. Especially we learn that there is a group, the Friends of Victoria Park, which was not involved in the process, or at least, who expressed surprise. Is Destination Sherbrooke will offer a really promising project for users of Victoria Park? ”

Around the council table Monday, no one seemed able to explain the problem of water games. Councillor Hélène Dauphinais did not hide, however, she had raised the issue before the adoption of the budget and that no money had been reserved for repairs. “I had argued before adding new infrastructure, it would repair the other. These are at least 15,000 people using the pool every year and the repair of water games is not scheduled for this summer. ”

Vincent Boutin recalled that a reflection on the future of the pools was initiated.

The president of Destination Sherbrooke, Rémi Demers, for his part said that the para-municipal organization will report on the disc golf project on 27 April. “We already are working with the Friends of Victoria Park. Destination Sherbrooke will address this issue in consideration of which was brought by citizens. We take note of environmental concerns and the reluctance of citizens. This is the report that will be brought to the board. I made it very reassuring to the effect that we will take account of the views of citizens. ”

“We must differentiate budgets, he warns however. The parks budget is taken in a specific envelope for recreational facilities. In disc golf, it speaks more of a tourist project. These are very different components. The fountains do not look Destination Sherbrooke. ”

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