It’s official, Nokia smartphones under Android will arrive early 2017

nokia_ibnlive_640-624x351-630x354Nokia’s return to the smartphone market is a complex affair. After the acquisition of the mobile division by Microsoft in 2013, the brand remained independent wanted to make use of its best asset, its brand image in the mobile phone market.

The group therefore set up a complex system enabling it to avoid too much investment while ensuring the marketing of Android phones and smartphones in the short term.

The manufacturer HMD returns to the scene
Today, HMD Global announces its entry into the mobile phone market with the help of the Nokia brand. It is a company recently created by alumni of Microsoft, Nokia and other major industrial groups.

HMD will be responsible for the marketing of phones created in partnership with Foxconn, which will be responsible for the assembly as well as for the iPhone, but will also help with research and development. Nokia will provide judicial and technological protection through its broad patent portfolio and will oversee operations.

For 10 years, HMD has the exclusivity of the brand Nokia for smartphones and has completely redeemed the full use of the brand for the features phone. All Nokia mobile devices will therefore be of HMD origin for years to come.

A launch in early 2017 and an announcement at the MWC?
In its press release, HMD announces that the first Android smartphones will be available in the first half of 2017, before June therefore.

With such a calendar, it seems highly likely that HMD will organize a conference at the Mobile World Congress to unveil its range of smartphones. The manufacturer has already reserved a stand during the trade fair where visitors can take control of the aircraft.

We hope that to sign a triumphant return, the brand will have announced the announcement of an ambitious flagship, which will have to face the Samsung Galaxy S8 which should be unveiled at the same show.

The official website and the Facebook account are there
Pending the presentation of new products, HMD and Nokia have set up today the new official website which will present in the future the devices and their technical characteristics. It is actually a new “Phone” tab on the official Nokia Corporation website, which is in addition to other group markets, network equipment, health connected with Withings and virtual reality with Ozo.

The official page on phones reminds us that new smartphones will arrive in 2017 and presents the few Nokia phones still on the market, bought several months ago from Microsoft, such as the Nokia 230. Phones that are still strangely on the Microsoft’s official website.

Nokia also launched a new Facebook page for the occasion. The Nokia Mobile page is for the moment rather empty, with only a meager descriptive, avatar and cover. According to the latter, the atmosphere is at the party at HMD and Nokia.

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