Jacques Nadeau Duty was robbed of more than 30 000 photos

photos-jacques-nadeau-representent-37The photographer Jacques Nadeau, Le Devoir, was stolen from him tens of thousands of photos that represent a large segment of Quebec’s history in pictures, but also for him a part of his life that no price.

On Tuesday, the Montreal newspaper photographer went home and immediately noticed that something was wrong. He saw the missing TV and rushed to the chest containing his five hard drives – all his life photographer.

They were stolen, as several printed photos of former Quebec premier Rene Levesque.

“This is where the collapse happened,” he told in a telephone interview on Wednesday clearly shaken and voice knotted with emotion.

“It’s my life, it’s my passion,” he said.

These photographs represent 37 years of images of Quebec and elsewhere, its politicians, its stars, but also unknown sketched from life.

Now famous clichés such as René Lévesque, cigarette in mouth, playing pool in a tavern, or what Jacques Parizeau, walking alone in winter, shoulders hunched in a path through the evergreens. Or Maurice Richard, leaving a final forum. Many images were featured in the first page of Duty.

But he also stole all his personal projects, “the most difficult,” he recounted.

Mr. Nadeau believes have stolen – in broad daylight while he was at work – between 30 000 and 50 000 photographs, covering a period from 1977 to 2015.

“For me this is a photo flight,” he said, noting that the value of hard drives is minimal, “unless to use the photos.”

He hopes someone will contact if the orange and black five hard drives are found or if his photographs are perceived somewhere.

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