Infiniti QX50: to better prepare tomorrow

Infiniti QX50
Infiniti QX50
The launch of the “new” QX50 range, marketed this fall, is like a homeopathic dose operation. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish what changed; placing side by side the old and the latest model, we could play the game of seven errors. And yet, it is not said that we manage to detect as many differences. This may be explained because this upgrade essentially to make room in the QX30 presented last week at the Los Angeles.

Looking good, we discover that the fairings of this utility have adopted the aesthetic codes inaugurated by the latest creations of the brand. This is reflected here by new bumpers, fascias and more prominent grille double arch.

What meets the eyes less, however, is the size of the vehicle that extends 113 mm – 80 of them are located between the two axles – compared to the previous model. Otherwise, not much to report visually. In front of as discreet touches, no cry to novelty.

The series has also been enriched content, especially with the addition of a sunroof on all models and adding a straight face those responsible for the brand, a new body color, blue hagane.

To decorate the QX50 according to their tastes and budget, three sets of options: Privilege, Navigation and Technology. Note that the base model, he breaks down under $ 40,000, which represents a strong attractive offers before a competition that appears to more full-bodied price.

Known bodies

Given the limited number of architectures available to it, Infiniti promotes joint work. The QX50 indeed always uses the same platform (codename FM) that are found on virtually the entire range.

Aside from its raised driving position and body, it’s hard to see anything other than Q50 decked out with a tailgate, which reveals a minimalist cargo space. For a crossover, that is. But Infiniti takes here a formula proven by some competitors, where the performance takes the upper hand over functionality. Because make no mistake, the QX50 is not a mover. Rear seat in place, cargo volume remains limited. Okay, the boot capacity is disappointing, but the rear seats are now much more spacious and comfortable for two adults normally made. Well seen.

The years pass, but we always slouched happily in control of this covert sport utility. No complaints about the driving position (dominant) or on the controls and instruments around us.

Many buttons, certainly, but a thorough reading of the owner’s manual and a few days of habituation is all you need to tame this vehicle. The important thing to remember is that the command to disable the beeper lane change to the left of the steering column. It must be remembered, because it reactivates every time you slide the key into the ignition and scrap your little ears “beeps” each time one of the wheels of the vehicle crosses the white line (or yellow) of the roadway.

In order to ensure your safety, always QX50 offers a bird’s eye view of your vehicle to facilitate maneuvers. Convenient? To avoid damaging a rim against a sidewalk, maybe. But this device would probably be much more useful if it was displayed on the windscreen (HUD) or the rearview mirror.

Powerful but greedy

This is driving – and nowhere else – this Infiniti intends to get noticed. Its atmospheric V6 3.7L Fig certainly among the most powerful in the class but not the most sophisticated ever.

His power is always done by a multipoint injection system and no modern technology (cylinder deactivation or cut off) only slows consumer any significant amount of this vehicle.

Muscular, the QX50 still sign almost as spectacular performances. A little less than seven seconds to reach 100 km / h and, good news, reversals are just as frank and muscular thanks to rapid semi-automatic, well staged and whose commands are duplicated by happiness driving .

The technical architecture is the same. It is the platform FM (Front Midship), developed by Nissan and is unique in almost equitably distribute the weight between the front and rear. That said, despite its weight more than respectable, this crossover is very fun to drive. The management of both vivid and accurate makes it easy to subscribe to the desired path. So much the better, since this vehicle like spending a curve to another if allowed him time to do so. The rush is useless. The more pleasant, at the wheel is to be on a fast track. A real treat to put it to rest, in the middle of a big curve. Qualify the stable QX50 is an understatement: once placed, and unless the road profile is highly distorted, it will not move from its path. The firm suspension do their job very well and safeguard a minimum of comfort, even if they still tap on too pronounced bumps.

Almost as a sports sedan Q, this Infiniti has the advantage of being offered at a very reasonable price given its level of performance and equipment. An advantage which, alas, will diminish each time you stop at a gas station.


The essential
Make / Model: Infiniti QX50
Price Range: $ 37 900-47 $ 800
Cost of transport and preparation: $ 1,995
Warranty: 4 years / 80 000 km
Real consumption: 12.4 L / 100 km
For more information:
Technique (model tested)
(Petrol) engines: 3.7-liter DOHC V6
Power: 325 hp at 7000 rev / min
Torque: 267 lb-ft at 5200 rev / min
Weight: 1827 kg
Power to weight ratio: 5.62 kg / hp
Mode: Full
Series Automatic 7 reports
Optional Transmission: No
Management / Turning Circle: Rack / 11.8 m
Av-arr Brakes: Disc / Disc
Tires (av-arr): 225 / 55R18
Tank capacity / Recommended Fuel: 76 liters / Super
WE love
Increased Rear
Clean finish
Proven Reliability
We do not like
Shy overhaul
High consumption
Technological backwardness

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