Jay Pee Bar made way for Urban Tavern U

semaines-ancien-barThose who show up in the old tavern Jay Pee, on Alexander Street certainly become confused. In recent weeks, the place has changed beyond all, to become urban Taverne U.

This is Daniel Pépin businessman who, after many efforts and a half million $ investment, gave birth to this bar totally different concept of the ancient institution of the center of the corner -city. He wants to make a type of resto-bar “lounge” inspired by those in large urban centers and where the smoked meat is featured.

“I made a gem! He says. Everything has been changed. The inside and outside. ”

“For now, it’s a bar, but soon it will become a bar-restaurant with a nice wine. There is more retro and country music. The atmosphere is that of the lounge bars. ”

Mr. Pépin took possession of the premises there about two years. The idea of ​​changing the style of the trade came to him afterwards. Jay Pee had once been opened by his uncle Jean-Paul Pepin.

Last fall, “Dan” Pepin decided to close the bar and make major renovations … but in record time. “I closed on November 9 and wanted to reopen in a month”, he says.

“Everybody told me it would not work. On December 9, it was the urban tavern opening party U. It was full of people! ”

Daniel Pépin says he could do so with his business partner Nicolas Colettie. It is also supported by the chef Bruno Coletti just sign the menu.

The hotel has 250 seats. Currently, it provides employment for ten people, but this figure could rise to 40 once the kitchens will be fully functional, says Pepin.

Alexander street

But beyond the revamped trade, dynamic businessman hopes to revive all the Alexander Street area. He wants other business people rely on this corner of the city in great potential.

“This is one of the oldest streets of Sherbrooke. Our origins in the background. Unfortunately, this is an area downhill, he said. This is not a dangerous street despite everything that is said. ”

“I want to renovate other buildings. We need others following suit. I started from nothing and I decided to go for it. This is a neglected area, but it can become a key sector of the city center! ”

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