Jean Charest on the phone for a new home to Jean Lafrance works

connu-jean-lafrance-droite(Quebec) Jean Charest will have good reason to place phone calls over the next few weeks, he will act as chair of a fundraising campaign to endow the Works Jean Lafrance of a new home on the land adjacent to the Collège de Champigny, a project valued at $ 2 million.

“We will ask the population of the greater Quebec City area, and it will please me to make calls,” laughed the former Quebec premier at a press conference on Thursday, adding that he would even try to “Trudeau call home.” Jean Charest was of course referring to recent allegations that would have made illegal lobbying for TransCanada to the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Charest has known Jean Lafrance in 1999, when he became leader of the official opposition and responsible for youth issues. Admiring his dedication to the boys in trouble, he quickly established a friendship with the priest “exceptional”, he recounted.

Thus he agreed to chair the fundraising campaign of Works Jean Lafrance. The money raised will be used for construction, in the fall, a new home that will rise next to the Collège de Champigny, on the road to the airport. The parsonage at the foot of the slope-Soft, where Jean Lafrance and his team receive since 1998 youth 14A 17 years to help them learn, is old and outdated, did we explained in the press conference.

“The sustainability of the work we will ensure” summarized the Father Lafrance, which hosted nearly 800 young people since the opening of the house in the Rue Châteauguay.

All operating expenses will continue to be performed by the youth centers Foundation of Quebec, collaborator of the first hour of Oeuvres Jean Lafrance. “We also saves lives”, said the President of the Foundation, Bruno Lepage, who would like the Ministry of Health is more than social services.

Tanguay also part

The businessman and philanthropist Jacques Tanguay will support the fundraising campaign. “With everything he has done during his life, today, Jean Lafrance deserves our support for the continuation of his work,” said Jacques Tanguay in a statement.

At Collège de Champigny, which hosts several youth supported by the Maison Jean Lafrance, Director General, Jean Garneau, is pleased to share with it an “exceptional” site to pursue “a partnership that gives conclusive results.”

To encourage people to give Jean Charest went there this joke heard at a previous fundraising campaign: “I have good news and bad news. The bad: it lacks a million dollars for our campaign. The good: the money is in your pocket! ”

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