Jean-Paul Lavoie refuses to be a “drug dealer” as other doctors

(Quebec) The fake doctor Jean-Paul Lavoie practice alternative medicine without training because he does not want to be a “drug dealer” as other members of the College of Physicians. The Superior Court will decide within 24 hours if ordered an injunction to prevent him from operating his clinic Sillery until further notice.

Jean-Paul Lavoie, who is facing five counts of illegal practice of medicine, was passing at the Québec courthouse Tuesday morning to hear the arguments of a prosecutor of the College of Physicians (CDM ).

The latter claimed that the Court injunctions to prevent sexagenarian from acts restricted to the medical profession until a judgment for his criminal charges.

The first order, if granted by the court, to take effect immediately and end on August 26, day of the debate on the second injunction. The other order would be permanent and would cover the duration of the trial Lavoie, whose date has not yet been set.

The MDC wants to neutralize the false doctor as soon as possible, saying it is a case of public safety. “We’re playing with people’s health […] We want to protect the public at most,” said Joannie Poirier, prosecutor of CDM, as it leaves the courtroom.

The professional association does not intend to laugh considering the background of the accused. The latter pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal practice of medicine in 2006 and was convicted of the same offense in February. For his most recent conviction, the judge imposed a $ 7,000 fine.

Lavoie would still have started to receive patients in his clinic a month later, according to a complaint filed in March CDM.

An investigator has made an appointment by telephone with Lavoie on 26 March. The fake doctor then explained to her that he could help with a machine worth in medical data, $ 700 million. He claims that his bio-resonance machine (SCIO) – retailer is $ 23,000 on the market – can analyze 12,000 data contains 200 therapies and manages to solve certain problems automatically.

In its report, the representative of CDM said that man poses diagnoses, recommend treatment and prescribed medication, activities reserved for physicians CDM.

Jean-Paul Lavoie Tuesday defended like a fraud. He told reporters that he wanted to help others and he was now the victim of a smear campaign in the media. He never wanted to answer whether he had asked diagnosis or prescribed treatment during his consultations.

As he had done at his previous trial, he launched a scathing charges against the MDC. “The service to others became criminal, it was predicted in the film Thrived,” he also said, calling himself persecuted by the HOM. When asked about his training, he said he was a “self-taught” and that the programs recognized by the order was not interested. “The only formations that exist all have the same goal. Format and make someone a drug dealer”

Lavoie has already declared “that the Colleges of Physicians in North America kill a million people per year.”

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