Jean Tremblay still loses in court

jean-tremblay-avait-decideThe mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay, has suffered another setback in court yesterday. The Superior Court ordered the elected restore budgets to the opposition he had removed last year.

In December 2014, Jean Tremblay chose to have no political cabinet. Based on section 114.12 of the Act of cities and towns, the mayor thereby removing the annual grant of $ 180,000 to pay for the cabinet of local opposition, the Democratic Renewal Team ( ERD). Three employees of the party have lost their jobs. The mayor estimated to be in the right, since it was an annual budget allocated by the City of Saguenay. The ERD opposed it, saying that the mayor had no right of life and death over his political cabinet. According to the leader of the official opposition, Josée Nero, the right to have a law was valid for the full term of office, ie four years. The dispute ended up in court.

In his judgment yesterday, Judge Pierre C. Bellavance agrees with the opposition on the line. He asks that the employees and the amounts allocated be reinstated and retroactively.

“It appears from these outcomes of the Executive Committee of the City that the latter clearly has difficulty accepting the existence of a structured opposition, the judge wrote. In the circumstances, to end what has all the appearances of a maneuver to weaken the office of the opposition and create impediments to the work of the designated counsel, the Court finds that there instead of order the execution of this judgment notwithstanding appeal. ”

The opposition leader sees a victory for municipal democracy. Josée Nero believes that the decision will remove a “fuzzy” in the interpretation of the article of law. “If you look at the batting average John Doe in the various trials he has conducted, it is not very hard,” she told La Presse.

In a statement, the mayor of Saguenay expressed surprise judgment. The City wishes to read “ins and outs” before commenting publicly. “The sums involved are not provided for in Budget 2015 and are likely to impose a significant fiscal restructuring,” wrote Jean Tremblay. Saguenay does not exclude the possibility of appealing the judgment.

Three lost causes in 2015
April 2015: The Supreme Court of Canada ordered to Jean Tremblay and Ville de Saguenay to stop the recitation of the prayer at the municipal councils.
June 2015: The Quebec Municipal Commission partially rejects the request of Jean Tremblay media to impose a closed session. The case concerns a personal journey of a municipal councilor who was partially paid for by a government grant.
July 2015: The Superior Court ordered the City of Saguenay restore on the spot budgets for the official opposition.

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