Jean Tremblay upset

-saguenay-jean-tremblayDeath of Jean Lapierre upset the mayor of Saguenay. Jean Tremblay and columnist maintained a friendly and professional relationship for many years. Their last exchange was unsurprisingly on elections in Chicoutimi. But beyond the political discussions, Jean Lapierre was a “real good guy,” recalls sadly the magistrate.

“When it happens, it is comforting to those who have faith. Because we know that there is life after death. But still we are upset. It makes me very sad. When you learn that, everything stops working. It makes us think about death and it brings us back to our true values. He went to heaven, but it gives me somehow both feet on the ground, “expressed Mr. Tremblay, a few hours after receiving the official confirmation of the death of columnist.

Jean Tremblay met for the first time Jean Lapierre when he was in federal policy.

“We had established links. And we remained friends when he became a political commentator. He called me regularly for news from the region, how things were here. Moreover, he was in my office just a few weeks. I think he had good contacts in each region of Quebec. And I think I was one of those privileged contacts, “said the mayor of Saguenay.

Philippe Couillard: a tragedy

(Julien Renaud) – The Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, responded briefly on the plane crash in Îles-de-la-Madeleine, on the occasion of a visit of the bicycle assembly plant devinci in Chicoutimi. “I learned that there was an air tragedy in Îles-de-la-Madeleine. I have no details on the number of people involved and their health. We expect these details. But if the victims, of course, we’re really sorry. This is a terrible tragedy, “he said, before the number of victims and their identities are confirmed.

Later that evening, he shared the following message on his Facebook page: “My condolences to the family, relatives and colleagues of the seven victims of the terrible plane crash in Îles-de-la-Madeleine. A very special word to Ms. Lapierre location. Jean Lapierre was a man loved, admired and around people. This great communicator leave a great void in the Quebec media universe. ”

Andre Harvey fond memories

(Stephane Begin) – The former member for Chicoutimi, Andre Harvey, keep an excellent memory of Jean Lapierre, a man of high availability and full of joy.

“We have a federal election set for the 2004 election he had come to the area a few times. It was of great availability. I had known John during his early years as a television analyst and then we worked together in Ottawa in 2004, “recalls Mr. Harvey.

At that time, Andre Harvey had abandoned the Conservative Party, where he was elected from 1984 to 1993 and from 1997 to 2000. In the election of June 2000, Andre Harvey was presented to the Liberal Party of Jean Chretien. The former prime minister had managed to attract to his party by promising the completion of the road to four-lane divided highway and the Research Centre on aluminum. Two achievements that have emerged in the following years.

“I’ll remember the exhilaration of John. Even during his serious analysis, he was able to lighten the mood. It was a lovely man, a great communicator. He was at ease in the world of media and the cameras, “added André Harvey.

He believes that the tragic death of Jean Lapierre can be considered a tragedy for his family, but also for all of Quebec and Canada, as Mr. Lapierre was known from coast to coast in Canada.

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