Jeremi Roch and Marie-Eve ​​Jacques athletes excellence

equipe-football-jeremiOne complete its glorious college career with an exclamation point, while the other reached the heights in a second high-level discipline. Jeremi Roch and Marie-Ève ​​Jacques were named male and female athletes of the year Friday night in Granada, at the conclusion of the 2016 edition of the Sports Merit of the University of Sherbrooke.

No doubt, Jeremi Roch rewrote the record books of the Vert & Or football team at the quarterback position during his successful passing of five years from Sherbrooke.

Elected offensive player of his team, he established in 2015 three new brands of Canadian university football and beat four Quebec records.

In five years, it has launched 68 touchdown passes, accumulated gains of 11,477 yards and all, without missing a single game.

Receiving the title of male athlete loop the loop, said the former number 12.

“I’m happy to finish like that, I’ve always said, I give credit to the guys that I played, the coaching staff that has well prepared and always find guys to have a good attack. And it shows we had a good offense, “he said.

Now that he has stored the competitive uniform for good, Roch donned the cap coach, who participated in his first practice as head quarterbacks of the team on Friday.

And who will start his employment with BRP as marketing coordinator for Ski-doo.

“It is a position which I am very proud, I did an internship at BRP Canam offroad in the last year of my degree., Then eventually, regardless of the position in marketing, I fell in love with the company. I had found the qualities found in a sports elite program, a level of competition, effort and do things, so I committed to this business then. ”

“For the quarter, there is work, but the guys want to get it right. Yes, there are errors that occur, but that is normal at the beginning, and that’s okay when you want to do well. When you turn corners, it starts better, but it ends worse. Guys want to take the right path. ”

“The attack was very geared around me, in terms of philosophy. Who better than me to understand and to teach as I hope to be able to do well, to allow the guys to capture the attack and advance. ”

Jacques, the more than fast

We knew Marie-Ève ​​Jacques for his immense talent in soccer. A talent rewarded, among others, by the title of MVP university in Canada in 2013, in addition to helping Canada finished fourth last summer at the World University Games in South Korea.

Friday is rather for his achievements in athletics she was rewarded. For if it is quick and can score a ton of goals on the synthetic, it proved just as fast on the slopes.

She was the one who carried the witness on the last 400 meters en route to the historic gold medal in the relay 4 x 400 m at the most recent Canadian University Championship in Toronto.

Never, athletics women’s team Vert & Or, had won a relay event.

“Especially since it is in athletics I harvest this price, that’s the biggest surprise for me! I am first and foremost a soccer player. I landed in the team, it was not expected that performs that way! “She said Friday evening, all smiles.

“It’s been two years that I am in the team, for the first 600 meters. But I never classais me for the finals. This year, reaping a coin is so much fun, it just gives the taste to continue working and to give their all, because you see it pays! ”

“I liked the philosophy of Vincent (Paquet, the track team coach), he pushed me in my limits, even though I do not always like it! It opens other doors to me in the end soccer career, this may be the beginning of a new adventure. ”

And for the first time this summer, Marie-Ève ​​Jacques will not play soccer. It will instead focus on athletics.

“It’ll be funny, since I was 7 years I played soccer in the summer! But I’ll come back in the fall to compete for my final university season. I needed new challenges, I had reached several soccer tops. ”

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