Jonquiere and Chicoutimi in a new basketball league

provinciale-basketball-u19To provide a better transition between college basketball and academic / Elite, CEGEP de Chicoutimi and Jonquière joined the new Provincial League U19 established by Basketball Quebec.

The female and male formations set up will play a total of ten games between the months of April to June, including five home games. The two institutions shared the female or male parts. Thus, the direction of the men’s team was entrusted to Philippe Hurtubise and training evolve Cégep de Jonquière, while the women’s team will be led by Jessica Harvey at Cégep de Chicoutimi.

Philippe Hurtubise, this project is timely. “It is ripe to perform in this league, declares Philippe Hurtubise outset interview. In Jonquière, we decided to go in men, but we do not close the door to add the feminine. Currently, the foundation (of the project) is thrown. We really we go with the men’s team of Gaillards. This is my 16-17 years of recruits for next year, plus one or two players that I plan to recruit. It makes us a group of about 15 athletes, which ensures we have 11-12 every game, “said Hurtubise who also acts as coordinator of the Regional Basketball Association.

The team’s head coach U19 expected to provide good opposition, if it relies on the tournaments the team participated in the past. For him, the implementation of this caliber is a logical result that meets a need already expressed in the major centers. In the region, it is timely. “The ‘timing’ ‘is perfect because my team will mature next year. We will be at our best for a good two years. In men, it has not hidden that the goal was to advance in the division and it will be a good test to see if it can become a realistic project or not. ”

Women’s team

The league project aimed male component initially was expanded to include the female component. Each region of Quebec had received an invitation to whether or not she was interested in the project. Cégep de Chicoutimi, the counselor to student life in sport, Jean-Pierre Bolduc, mounted the project to introduce a women’s team and submitted to management who endorsed.

Head coach Jessica Harvey that will support the training already has a good idea of ​​the composition of his team. Must say that the young woman has a good coach luggage having been involved for four years in basketball Hope camps, including three as head coach, in addition to leading male teams at the secondary (Charles-Gravel and Odyssée Dominique-Racine).

“These are the girls I coached during these three years (Hope) I repatriated,” said Jessica Harvey, adding that the team should consist of one third of the players from the college of third Mustangs Chicoutimi and a third of the Blue and Gold Arvida.

“That’s good for girls who are recruited in a college team first year, argues Andrew Archer, recreation technician at Cégep de Chicoutimi. It will allow them to stay here and play in a competitive team. ”

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