Josee Belanger way to Rio

vivra-cette-anneeAfter facing the Netherlands as part of an international friendly on 10 April when the Canadian women’s national soccer team won 2-1 over the host team, the Coaticookoise Josee Belanger flew to Florida to join the team of Pride Orlando including the opening match took place on Sunday.

“One of my dreams of young girls was to play pro level as Mia Hamm. Despite that my dream came true later on, I am very happy to 29 years to say mission accomplished my contract last fall with the FC Rosengård Sweden and now the Pride of Orlando NWSL “sharing Belanger, which will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary on 14 May.

“In parallel, I will participate in the camps of training with the Canadian team to continue our preparation, including two games against Brazil on June 4 in Toronto and Ottawa June 7 We invite people to come and many take advantage of this unique opportunity to see their team in 2016, but also for us to feel the support of all before going to Rio. ”

Recall that the formation of John Herdman got his ticket for the Rio Olympics in February thanks to a 3-1 win against Costa Rica in the semifinals of the Olympic qualifying tournament in CONCACAF. Ranked 10th in the world of women’s soccer FIFA Team Canada will play its first Olympic game on August 3 against Australia, which ranked 5th. A total of twelve teams will try to get on the top of the podium.

Helped by her lover

Bélanger is preparing to realize this ultimate dream that eluded him in 2012 because of an ankle injury. “My love, Roch Proteau, was the trigger for this second wind in my international career, says Josée Bélanger. By helping me to forgive the past, including the dark moments surrounding my injury before the World Cup in 2011, as well as the opportunities that were available to me. In addition to supporting me in this busy lifestyle, he played a role of psychologist kind in helping me realize my strength. ”

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