Josee Verner has cancer

senatrice-josee-verner(Quebec) The former conservative minister Josée Verner Quebec City is conducting a fierce battle against rectal cancer, a disease that we do not talk enough, she denounces.

The tumor that overwhelms him is “very advanced” and described as Stage 3, but “nodes are not affected and there are no metastases,” says Sun Senator.

Having received his diagnosis there just three months, Ms. Verner has since undergone – and insists on using the word “suffer” – radiation treatments and chemotherapy in preparation for the operation that aims to remove its mass cancerous 4.3 centimeters. This should take place in a little over a month.

“For six weeks, every morning, I went to the hospital for my radiotherapy,” says the one that will keep painful memories of this first series of treatments having just ended. “Radiation therapy, it burns the tumor. […] For a woman, with all the mucous membranes in that area, it’s painful, “she says.

Moreover, chemotherapy treatments to “make even more efficient radiotherapy” have drastically breath. “The problem with cancer is that you lose control of your agenda. And that, I have a lot of trouble with that. […] Normally, on leave or on vacation, my husband and I, we train six days a week. There, to be taken in my chair, it’s difficult for me. […] All I have in mind is to regain control of my physical condition. ”

On CBC the waves, she tells currently be too weak to “go take a walk or to the maintenance of its flower beds.”

After the operation will follow other chemotherapy treatments, which will be spread over four months, says apprehensively Ms. Verner.

“The [processing] four months scares me a lot, so I do not think.”

Josée Verner hope “full and complete recovery.” “I want this to be a hiccup in my life,” she told CBC.

However, it remains realistic. “If, in an ideal scenario, it leads me to January [the end of treatment] is not in February I’ll be top shape! This is a big contract. ”

Doctors are optimistic, they believe its 75% chance of recovery.

Ms. Verner confirms wanting to return to work, but admits that this goal is not currently a priority. “I try not to think too far.”

For now, she said, to focus on “babies”, both new and first grandchild, she will visit soon. “The pause [by the operation] that I now live should help me gain strength,” says one who said he found particularly difficult task of announcing his diagnosis to his three children. “You hit large clubbed in their happiness”, she has also imaged on Radio-Canada.


“Last year, I had noticed changes in my bowel, says the senator, but I thought it had to be because I’ve eaten as a vegetable or as bread.”

At this time should have been collected first “red flag,” she says. But since “not hear you talk about it […] I have not moved.”

“There is really no information on it. This is what I found pity, “says Verner. “We need people to be more aware of that.”

And “never experienced cancer in my family, I never thought it was that. I thought it was related to my diet, my menopause. ”

Wave of sympathy

Colorectal cancer, which includes cancer of the rectum, is nevertheless the third most diagnosed form of cancer in Canada. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and the third leading cause of cancer death in women in Canada.

On Friday, the MP for Lévis caquiste François Paradis – as well as several other political actors – held to send words of encouragement to Ms. Verner. “Let me think of you, Ms. Verner,” written by email directly from Asia that has itself recently suffered from cancer of the vocal cords. “Every positive thinking helps us to move forward at our own pace. I want you to take your own pace. ”

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