Julie Dufour wants to regulate sexual activity to Saint-Jean-Vianney

municipale-julie-dufourCouncillor Shipshaw, Julie Dufour says that the presence of people who engage in sexual activities in the area of ​​Saint-Jean-Vianney will be taken into account in the development of the sector folder.

In an interview with Radio X KYK to talk about the projects planned for the area during the day on Monday, the councilor said he must “know the needs, why they are there and how do you regulate such practices.”

Asked to clarify his thoughts in a telephone interview with The Daily, Julie Dufour maintained that it did not intend to ignore the presence of this category of user industry.

“We will not turn heads in the sand, thinking it will go away or that it does not exist. We want to find solutions. We can not get out of solutions when we do not know the problem. Is prostitution, is a meeting point? How many are they? ”

Participatory consultations involving fifty people from the social environment, historical and recreational be held at the end of March in order to better understand the situation.

The counselor does not completely rule out the possibility that such activities are not prevented.

“It is not ruled out, but it is not the preferred solution, I do not think. Is it possible to frame so that it is not disturbing? Still missing a lot of information to find out. That’s why we did a study. Take the time to analyze the situation. This is the first step, then we will find solutions. For us, the priority is safety. It is certain that it does not interest anyone walking with her children and see someone leave the bare wood. On the other hand, if we use a lot of territory, these people will not be interested to navigate. They go there not to be seen, “says Councillor who is convinced that Saint-Jean-Vianney become an attractive sector of the region.

“Saint-Jean-Vianney is so big. In a few years it will be a tourist product of regional appeal where people can arrive in the morning and do different activities until evening. This is the only space in the region that offers so many possibilities with so little movement, “said one who sees the realization of several projects in the area.

“From decadence”

The mayor of Saguenay is unequivocal. There is no place for people who have sexual activities on public land in the area of ​​Saint-Jean-Vianney, as elsewhere in the city.

“Long ago I had heard of it. I thought it was over, “said the mayor immediately, saying he was shocked by what he saw during a bike path in the area several years ago.

“The city can not encourage that. I do not accept that, it’s decadence. This is definitely not me who’ll make a place. If there is still such activities in the area, stop that. It makes no sense, “he says.

Now that the issue has resurfaced, the mayor promises to act.

“I have a message for them. They move. Them to go outside the city. Because me, I will send the police. Count on me, they will not have it easy. In Saguenay, we do not want that. Sexuality, it is alive between consenting individuals in private, not on public land. Saguenay, this is not a brothel. ”

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