Junior Baseball: Eagles get rid of tough Travelers

cette-serie-premier-tour-entreTravelers have sold very dearly their skin in the fourth game of the series against the Trois-Rivieres Aigles who still had the last word. Two productive innings were enough for champions to win the account of 13-9 to Richard Desmeules Stadium to close the books in four games in the first playoff round of the League elite junior Quebec.

Despite the tough loss the day before, the jonquiérois supporters had not thrown in the towel and the meeting took place in front of a good crowd and very noisy. Local helped the atmosphere early on in forging a 7-3 in the fifth inning of priority and the specter of a fifth and final meeting on the horizon.

In the first race, Raphael John Leblanc shipped the offering of Martin Gagnon on the other side of the fence. Eagles players protested that the ball had hit the fence, but officials have maintained the same decision if Trifluviens seemed to be right. The visitors came back to score in the third, but the Travellers have immediately responded with two points. Fourth, the Eagles cut the lead to one point, chasing the same time leaving the Jean-Michel Tremblay, but again, the Jonquiérois responded with three runs in the bottom of the handle.

This is the fifth that the sky fell on the heads of travelers, so to say.

Before a rain interruption, the Eagles have met the goals and made a point. It’s the recovery that things went awry. On the first launch, Louis-Xavier Labrosse, who replaced Jacob Theriault, has reached the batter. Martin Gagnon followed with a double that cleared the trails and the Eagles were ahead. Travelers are stubborn again came from behind to tie 9-9, but the visitors struck the fatal blow in the top of the seventh Christopher Stanford costs. Ishmael Ballard placed his ahead for good with a resounding two-run homer.

“We were in the game, it really is the seventh circuit which cut our legs. The guys did not give up at this point, but it was the coup de grace. In addition, it was hard with our pitchers. It does us little left and no one had to play yo-yo bad the whole game, “recounted Kevin Denis-Fortier who replaced head coach Martin Pouliot, selected by his professional job recruiter in Michigan for Washington Capitals.

Kevin Denis-Fortier, Travellers have probably played the best game of the series Friday night. No doubt in his mind that the players have all left even if they had to admit defeat. “The guys did not give up and that is the message that must go to finish the season. We stood up to Trois-Rivières. The odds were not on our side at the beginning and honestly we thought we could have, “he told, noting in passing the end of the career of Jean-Michel Aquinas, the only player in 22 years of the team.

In the other locker room, the manager of the Eagles felt satisfied with the performance of his team. “It was a good baseball game tonight, with lots of twists. Hats off to travelers, they gave us good trouble. They fired from behind by four points at one time but no one panicked and the guys have all continued to pull in the right direction, “noted Jean-Philippe Lemay, relieved to avoid a fifth game on Sunday. “Because in a final match, anything can happen. We did not want to expose themselves to that. I am very happy with the evolution of this series. We stumbled in the first game but then we took steps to rebound. It’s a beautiful show character. ”

In the second round, the Eagles will face the winner of the series between the Beavers and Diamonds Charlesbourg Quebec.

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