A jury trial for a man accused of sexual assault

1172452A jury of seven women and five men who will be responsible for determining the guilt or innocence of an individual 35 years of Sherbrooke accused of various sexual offenses.

The trial chaired by Yves Tardif J. of the Superior Court opened Monday and is to take place over two weeks at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

The accused, whose identity is the subject of an order banning publication to protect those of the alleged victims, is charged with eight counts of incest, assault, sexual, invitation to sexual touching, sexual touching between 2005 and 2008.

The two alleged victims will be called to testify at the trial, as well as police and civilian witnesses.

Le Tardif judge gave preliminary instructions to the jury by asking them to rely solely on the evidence heard during the trial to render their verdict.

He informed them that it is the jury who are masters of the facts of the case, while the judge remains master of the law.

He urged them to respect the two fundamental principles is that charges must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt and the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The first witnesses in the case should be called to the bar Tuesday morning.

This is me and Andy Drouin Me Laila Belgharras representing the prosecution in the case, while Stéphanie Côté defends the accused.

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