Justice League: Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades Darker) as Green Lantern?

justice-league-trailer-zack-snyder-batmanAfter Fifty Shades of Gray, Justice League? Jamie Dornan would be in contention to play the superhero Green Lantern.

While a new Justice League trailer has been teased by DC Comics, we still have no news of this video! The first trailer pleased the fans, but it was poor in stocks. The second, which should soon be released, could put forward the most famous superheroes, such as Cyborg (Ray Fisher) or Aquaman (Jason Momoa). Batman vs Superman has disappointed, but the Warner and DC studios are confident, we’ll see if the league of justicians keeps its promises. One thing is certain, the film has just become a bit hotter these days! Indeed, the interpreter of Christian Gray in Fifty Shade Darker would be in contention to incarnate the superhero Green Lantern aka Hal Jordan in the film of Zack Snyder! You imagine Jamie Dornan in latex costume helping the damsels in distress … armed with a whip? Yes yes you have the picture in mind!

As you can see in the tweet above, the information comes from the website Bravo! Film News and it has not been officially confirmed. According to them, Jamie Dornan is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. to join the adventure. The rumor that the Green Lantern could join DC lawyers a moment ago. But in the last few days, it has intensified and it is now believed that Green Lantern will have a key scene in Justice League. An important moment but a minor role for now, waiting to have his own film. It remains to be seen which actor will interpret after the failure of Ryan Reynolds … The film is scheduled for November 15, 2017. Do you think Jamie Dornan is a good choice to play Green Lantern?

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