Justin Bieber enjaille on Taylor Swift, an improbable video unveiled

justin-bieber-chante-amuse-taylor-swift-videoJustin Bieber filmed himself singing on Taylor Swift, and goes crazy! The hilarious video now!

In recent years, the singer has become a real mystery for the audience and for others. If his fans remain loyal because it is undoubtedly a true artist, you do not always know where to turn with the interpreter of “What Do You Mean” . Earlier this week, Justin Bieber also hit a fan in the release of a concert , and if it is clear that being an artist is not always easy, nothing justifies violence. However, the singer chose to give news to his fans by posting a video of him on Snapchat. We see the fun on the track “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift, and the result is hilarious!

This is not the first time that the singer has fun on the Taylor Swift: one remembers his special little karaoke in his car some time ago! And one thing is sure, we’d rather see the artist let go this way, in song, rather than not … Shirtless, Justin Bieber, who unveiled a new tattoo on stage , discusses a geek look with straight hair and big glasses . It changes ! One can not help but ask: JB he mocks Taylor Swift?

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