Justin Bieber: “Instagram is the Devil”, his shock statements!

justin-bieber-diable-instagram-declarationWhat would a week without a rebound on the part of Justin Bieber. Absent from Instagram for several months, he calls the social network “Devil” …
We do not know where to head with Justin Bieber at the moment. While he has just given his final clap to his European tour, the singer once again makes the buzz on the Web. Before that, the star had made polemic with one of his Beliebers. Justin Bieber hit a fan at the end of a concert. The bloodied nose, the latter wants to drag the interpreter of “Sorry” in court. Today, it is another info that is debated on the Web. While he removed his Instagram account a few months ago, Justin Bieber has just compared the social network to the “Devil”. No, no, we do not lie to you!

Accro to Instagram, Justin Bieber regularly published photos on his account. However, he had to face the haters, who were increasingly numerous every day criticizing him. While he is on stage in London in front of his Beliebers, the international star says: “Instagram is for the Devil, I think Hell is Instagram, I am 90% convinced.” Justin Bieber then continues with: “We are sent to Hell and we are locked up by Instagram”. This could almost be philosophical do not you find meltynauts? In any case, the speech of Justin Bieber, who risks the prison, has somewhat aroused the fans present. So, what do you think of Justin Bieber’s latest statements?

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